Jiko- Opinions


Okay, my Mother in law just dined there Monday (last night), tasting the restaurant for a conference with her company and her companions and herself were NOT impressed. As I tend to think her opinion is questionable (she is a great mother-in-law, just not a foody) in regards to food, I would love to see your guys opinion.

We are on the deluxe dining plan, is it worth the 2 credits? I have reservations in the middle of our stay, I would like to know if I should cancel them and pick something else.


I think it is one of the better restaurants on property. If your MIL is more of a meat and potatoes person, I could see why she might not have been impressed.


Jiko looks fun, but Boma is so great that we’ve never been able to choose Jiko over it.


Ate at Jiko once and enjoyed it.
We also had reservations on a prior trip but changed to someplace else that night because DW’s stomach was off that day.
The menu is a bit off the beaten path as far as my DW is concerned.
If you do eat there, try to request a “kitchen counter” seat as they have an on stage kitchen, as does California Grill and Flying Fish.
Try the pistachio creme brulee and also the braised short rib if they’re on the menu.


Despite my DMIL’s slam of the food quality, I think we are gonna keep it for now. You just sold my wife SG with the Pistachio Creme Brulee. She loves Creme Brulee more than me, LOL. I think we are gonna definitely try it. My mission this year is “Stuff we haven’t eaten”. We have 6 signature dining reservations so far in 9 nights.


I second the recommendation of the Short Ribs. They are sooooo good.:wub: I would go to Jiko for these alone. We like Jiko and you should try it. We do however have other restaurants on the property that we do like better though.


hate to disagree with everyone, but during our trip last May, we ate at Jiko and thought it was “just ok”, not great. The stellar, stand-out, surprisingly awesome dining experience of the trip was Sanaa! I would say to keep the extra dining credit, and give Sanaa a try. Very flavorful, unique-but not too “unusual”, beautiful and cozy atmosphere, great wine.


Slight thread side tracking here but would you reccommend it to a party with fussy eaters in? My mum is very much a chicken and fries kind of girl and doesn’t like anything exotic or untraditional but I’ve always wanted to try Jiko out!


Campbell87, I would day no, see my original response. The menu is different enough that a meat and potatoes type person (or in your case a chicken fries) may be off put.

Although these two entrees may pass the test…

Barbecue Beef Short Ribs - with Roasted Yukon Gold Potato Salad and onion-garlic sauce $37.00

Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon - with Macaroni & Cheese and Red Wine Sauce $39.00


On our last trip back in Sept we ate at both Sanaa and Jinkos… We did the AKL safari tour which included dinner at Jinko’s… We were very lucky cause it was a chefs dinner which we could try all different kinds of food with the corosponding wine that went it with it… We LOVED it… If we had to chose something just off the menu I dont think that we would have been as happy. If I had to choose between Jinkos and Sanaa I would have to go with Sanaa… We loved the food, wine and the view of the savannah and all the animals is amazing. You feel like you are right there with them…


[QUOTE=SnazzyCMB;1017994]hate to disagree with everyone, but during our trip last May, we ate at Jiko and thought it was “just ok”, not great. QUOTE]

Same here, except it was september.
It was very romantic, and the service was top notch, BUT maybe I’m too much of a food snob???:eek:

Would probably go back as it was quiet, romantic, “good”. and great wine list…but me personally??

Citricos= THE BEST!!! :heart: