Jiko With a 5 Year Old - Is This Realistic?


I would really prefer Jiko over Boma even though it costs 2 off the dining plan. As wonderful as Boma is, I much prefer a sit down over a buffet. My question is, while I know that even most “signature dining” restaurants are family friendly, would you say that a 5yo at Jiko would be out of place? Is it somewhere that you’d have a better time without the kids?


I’ve never been to Jiko, so I can’t say for sure. But, IMHO I would think it woud depend on your child. My DD was very well behaved in restaurants when she was young. But DS - well let’s just say there was a period of about 2 years when I never got to eat out.


OMG! I can relate! My older two children can be likened unto Angels! But, Caisley - ugh. I sometimes hate taking her out!

Andrew, is Jack pleasant other restaurant situations? Can you bring something that will entertain him?


He’s pretty well behaved, but has a kind of short attention span. He’s fine at moderate level restaurants where he blends in and if he makes noise it kind of gets lost in the din of the place. I worry though, about bringing him to a slightly more upscale place where his squirming and incessant talking will go noticed :tongue:


I’m sure that even if he threw himself down on the floor kicking and screaming, he wouldn’t be the first. I’d give it a try.


When we dined at Boma it was at the end of a rainy hectic day. Everyone was grouchy. On a whim we decided to check ds then 4 into Simba’s Clubhouse while we went to eat. We had a great relaxed meal and ds now 6 still asks to go back to Simbas.

They had video games which my son loved and lots of other things to do. They fed him dinner. It was a little pricy at $10 per hour but it was totally worth it. We felt very comfortable as we were still right there in the building.
I think this would be a great solution for you!


EJ, that’s true, and while I wouldn’t expect him to behave like that, you’re right, it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

JK8- great idea, I’ll defintely consider it!


When I dined there on the 14th,I was sitting right next to some people with two little girls,and the girls behaved wonderfully. They do hand out papers and crayons for the children to color woth,so I think your 5-year-old will do fine.


We’ve taken our kids to Artist Point - which I would consider to be equivalent to Jiko - many times. The servers have always been fantastic with them, and it’s never been a problem. My youngest is a bit random when it comes to behavior, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable.

One thing we do, however, is schedule the ADR for the earliest seating. I think that helps quite a bit. The serious adult diners are more likely to make a later ADR.



We went to Jiko in Dec. My DD was 20 months at the time. She acts like the typical 2 year old. She was great. She colored and played with the kids in the booth behind us who were around 4 and 7. I think you should be fine. I would also consider an earlier ADR. Kids seem to get too tired towards the end of the day and having to sit for a long meal may be the breaking point. If he has a short attention span, bring several toys or activity books to entertain him.

By the way, the apple desert is interesting. VERY VERY tart!! :eek: Some of our group liked it (ME!) some didn’t.


AKL has a wonderful kid’s club with a dinner and scheduled arts and crafts. It’s only a few steps away from Jiko. Take the kid to the club. He will totally appreciate having a few people his own age to hang out with for a bit and he will have some fun and eat what kids like best. The ladies that work in there are awesome. My DD did it for an hour one night while I packed and had a blast. Do it.


My feeling is that Disney is a family oriented vacation spot. While some locations are definately more adult-friendly, I would never not go somewhere (other than obviously Pleasure Island, and things of that sort) without my daughter. She is just two this weekend and when we were there, we didn’t see any restaurants that were not “kid friendly.” And at 5, you can atleast reason with a child to behave, if they are slightly hyper. Remember, it’s Disney…atleast, that’s my opinion.


Dana wrote:

Take the kid to the club. He will totally appreciate having a few people his own age to hang out with for a bit and he will have some fun and eat what kids like best.

As much as I would love to do this with my 6-year old daughter (and even planned to do it one year), she would be miserable which would affect my wife’s enjoyment…which in turn would affect my enjoyment… :wacko:

My daughter is one of the few kids that I heard about that absolutely hated the kid’s club on the cruise. :pinch: Kids… so random! :wink:



Good point.

Think of how many people dine in the ‘higher end’ Disney restaurants each week. There’s bound to be a handful of cranky kids throwing fits every day. It might be a tad embarrassing, but you never know how he’ll do in those places until you try it.

UNLESS - he’s like my brother. We took him to a local buffet when he was a toddler - his first big dinner out… and he was secretly throwing food on the sweater of the lady to his left and laughing. It was a few more years before we ate at a restaurant again… :dry:


Yeah that would totally effect my enjoyment too. I would feel horrible the entire dinner knowing my DD wasn’t happy. :heart: