Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville?


I have heard that there is a Margaritaville branch in Orlando at Universal Studios. My parents are Parrotheads and raised me and my brother that way, so Margarittaville is a natural pilgrimage for us whenever we are in Vegas. So, since I will be down there for seven months and (hopefully) my brother will also be down there, Mom and Dad intend to visit. Sooooo . . . is Margarittaville actually IN Universal Studios? Or is it outside of the park? I don’t have much interest in going to that other park, and as much as I love Jimmy I don’t think that it would be worth buying a ticket for dinner. Any thoughts or help? Thanks in advance :biggrin:


It is at Universal City Walk…which is outside the actual park. So…all ya gotta do is get there and park.


It is in Universal CityWalk, outside of the park. You can think of CityWalk as Universals Downtown Disney!

edit: Peppertink, you beat me to it! :pinch: :happy:


This is one of our favorites at Universal. Think of us as you eat a Cheeseburger in Paradise . . . I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and french fried potatos, a big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer, good golly almighty which way do I steer . . . :tongue:


HaHaHa!!! I love it!! I love Buffet too!! We are going to Vegas in August where is Margaritaville there??


Go early, because around 6:30 that place gets pretty packed.

They have amazing iced tea there! It’s China Mist I think… and it is not very cheap I tell you… about $9 a box.


Oh, now you’ve got me all excited. I always have to get a Cheeseburger in Paradise and a yummy boat drink. I have only been to the one in Las Vegas and can’t wait to go in Orlando.

Thanks everyone!!


You’ll love it there. The only down side to going early is paying to park. I believe parking is free after 6pm.

You can get a discount with your AAA card.


Awesome, thanks for the advice on parking too!


Yes, it is in Universal. It’s acually in City Walk, which is in Universal. My parents aren’t parrot heads, but they wanted to take me and my brother over there to dinner. It’s a very cool place. Especially the bathrooms. If you ask for a pen, you are allowed to go into the bathrooms and sighn your name somewhere either on the wall or on the stall. There are a lot of signatures in there, so be sure to remember where you sighned your name so when you come back next year, you will be able to see where you sighed your name the year before!


You can park for free after 6 p.m. in the Universal garages, a good deal considering the park just raised its parking fee to $10.


Oh, and look for the stilt-walkers. They walk around giving out baloon animals.


Now I’m curious about it. Never got into Buffett much but since gradually developing my homesickness I’ve been somewhat pleased when I run across his stuff on the radio or such, and got his Christmas album for a dollar at a Goodwill and enjoyed it.

moving back to Florida, for those who don’t know, when a job comes through there


Why don’t you try seeing the movie “Hoot”. He wrote some of the music, and actually has a role in the movie as a teacher (not a huge part, but he has a few lines).


Alas, our budget for movies is minimal right now but I will keep that in mind!

(Songs? It’s a musical?)

“Mister Owl – how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?”


I had a margarita there last night…so fabulous! YUM YUM YUM!!! :happy:

Okay, I am good now. But I may need to go back soon for another!


No, it’s not a musical. He just wrote the background music.

I hope you all thought of us as you drank! :tongue:


So how is their “Cheeseburger in Paradise”?



Wonderful, excellent, it is literally a cheeseburger in Paradise. Okay, so maybe its not that good but I personally love it and don’t know how you can get anything else there. Make sure you have a cold draft beer with it though. A boat drink is also acceptable.


Oh, and alos pack a sharpie marker for the bathroom. There is sanctioned graffiti all over the walls. I didn’t have anything to write with last time, so DD and I borrowed a pen from the waitress (who gladly loaned it to us specifically for the purpose of writing on the bathroom walls). This time I am packing a sharpie!