Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam Party


Is anyone going mid November this year planning on going to the new event at the Studios? If you do, could you please post a response as to how it is? We are going in early December, and trying to figure out if it is worth rearranging schedule to go to this. Thanks.


Not a bad little show. They display all over the front of the Great Movie Ride. Best viewed from right in front of the attraction. if you are back or to the sides, the trees get in the way a little bit. Nice addition to a little fireworks display.


We saw it from those trees. We got there about an hour or so ahead and sat on the wall. Well, DH had the wheelchair. But about 20 mins before the show, a CM came by and said “you all have great seats, but I have to tell you most of the fireworks come from over there and the trees will block them” And he was right. But it was worth missing some fireworks in order to have a spot to sit that wasn’t on the ground. I and half the people that was sitting, ended up standing on the ledge during the show.