Jo-Jo Character Dining?


I was reading a thread by Mickey…

and was wondering if there was any new information on the character dining he wrote about…


Ill see if I can find it- but if you look at dining at mgm on you can find what info is out there on the wdw site. Its saying breakfast and lunch but it is only Jo Jo and goliath and two of the “little einstiens” that is only 4 characters. I dont know if they are planning on adding more but as I think about it- I dont know if its worth the cost of the meal- Just a thought- I think Id rather just eat with Pooh Bear


Some info on it, I wish Bear was there!


I’m still mad they did this instead of the Toy Story/Hero character meal there were some rumors about… :pirate:


I totally agree on the toy story thing. He likes playhouse disney and all but he is a fanatic for Buzz and Woody! He still wears his halloween costume all the time!


So does that mean there will be no Toy Story/Hero one? I also heard there was going to be a pirates/princess one with the upcoming celebration…Anyone know about this?


I have not heard anything about that- Im curious as well about what they will be doing more for the boys since I have 3 of htem


I wish they would do something for boys cause i have one and may have more in the future!


I still have to cast my vote with the Playhouse Disney concept over Toy Story. I suppose I’m biased with 2-1/2 y.o. twin girls. To say nothing of the the lifesaver that Playhouse Disney was when I stumbled across it (allowing me to finally get dressed on time in the morning!) Of course, I can never find out what the weather’s going to be now, since it conflicts with Higglytown Heroes.

Our twins were about 20 m.o. last year and JoJo and Goliath were the first characters we came across on our first park day, and they went crazy for them. (we weren’t sure how they’d react to larger-than-lifesize characters).

That being said, I think the offerings for this meal are alittle paltry. I’d like to see some of the Higglytown Heroes, and certainly Bear. They could do some of the Koala Bros., Rolly Polly Olie, etc. For some reason, Disney’s really pushing the Einsteins (Maybe they have more of an ownership interest in that franchise?)

At any rate, we’re going in September and I’ll be sure to report back.