Jo-Jo's Birthday trip


Here’s we goooooooo!

First a disclamer…This is not a day by day trip report. I tried writing notes long hand. It just took too long, so after the second day I will just be giving lists. Good stuff, bad stuff, rides, resturants, etc…

Day One - Nov 28 - It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, I’m going to disney. My DH and I got up at 3 AM. Got dressed, grabbed coffee, out the door by four. My DH is very, very, very nervous about getting to the airport in PLENTY of time. No problem with traffic, got to the parking place and to the airport by 4:45. Airport (Phila) was busier than I would have thought at that time. Of course I only fly about every few years, so what do I know. Checkin line was about 20 min. Then security, another 20 min, no problems just lots of people. As we sat at the gate we realized we didn’t have a “preboarding” pass. Because my DH is slightly larger than a 17 inch airline seat, we bought two seats for him. But in our opinion, the cost of the extra seat was 100 dollars (SW sale, yeaaaa!) we were able to preboard and we had the three seats just for us. If the flight had been full, it would have been a VERY unconfortable 2 1/2 hr flight. So anyway, the preboard pass, I called SW and was told a gate agent should turn up soon and explain to him. I found him and everything was fixed, we got to preboard and not stand in the cattle chutes. Flight landed 20 min. early.

New paragraph- this was Cavey’s idea- Months ago, he mentioned one loooooooong paragraph is tough to read. I agree.

Landing at Orlando…we found the ME people very easy. They are no longer allowed on the third floor, we just needed to get to the first floor, termial A. A1, just like the steak sauce. It is now about 9:30 a.m., the ME area is almost empty. We go to the desk, explain how our tags were wrong (I’ll explain that in a min) and here are our baggage claims. The ME person told me we could have still used the tags as long as the hotel was correct. We go to a bus and jump on board. There are three other people. I’m thinking “oh no, we are going to sit here forever to fill up the bus”, wrong, we take off in a few mins. Got to POP about 30 min later. Now back to the tags. We had gotten our tags about a week before the trip. They never had us arriving and had us leaving on Dec 7 on the wrong air line. We had two ressies, one from 11/28 -12/07 the other 12/07-12/12, the tags were only for leaving on Dec 7. So with only a week before the trip there wasn’t any time to get new tags. Just a thought, since I thought I would have to hand over my baggage claim tags, I took digital pictures of the tags so I would have the info incase something got lost.

DisneyTeacher, you did ask for details. lots of details, didn’t you? This is going to take me two weeks to write this.

Sooooooo nice not having to drag bags around trying to find where to check in. At 10 ish in the morning there were a few people ahead of us in line. We got a very nice CM (earning her ears). Did all the checkin stuff, noted my birthday, asked me what was my favorite character ----BRAIN FREEZE-----daaaaaa-------ummmmmmm---------Peter pan???—you know never grow up stuff- turning 50- make sense?--------ok, that moment passes. So your room is here, she circles something. I ask is there anything a little closer? I did this twice. I wasn’t pushy, I just asked nicely. I just really really wanted something special for this birthday trip. ,(I really really really really wanted one of those rooms where you roll out of bed and the coffee machine is three steps away,but you can’t get everything.) So we ended up on the first floor in building 10 of the 70’s room 149. I think is was closer than some preferred rooms. We are happy. DH is checking out if the beds work and I’m on postcard pixie duty. I sat at the food court writing for an hour or so. (I told you I write slow) We meet up and head over to the Concourse steak house for our first meal at disney.

Note- for our meals we had the DDE card. I tried to save the reciepts, but I still have to do the math stuff. More details later. Maybe much much later.

We check in about 20 min early and was seated in about 15. Very nice server. My DH and I both had the french onion soup. Since the soup plates were handled with a towel I was expecting the soup to be really hot. It wasn’t. It was warm. I like soup that you need to let it cool a bit, not when you have to hurry and eat it before it gets cold. So on to the steaks. Very good. Giant onion rings. Full tummy, happy tummy. During the course of the meal it started pouring rain, but by the time we were done the meal, so was the rain.

Next onto MK…but first a coffee break…


I need to go eat breafast. I am hungry now. Can’t wait to read more!


Loving it so far!


Great so far! Thank you, a good TR to start off my day :happy:


MK - Got to guest services a little before 3, turned in our AP vouchers and got our passes. We decided to go on the train, as we climbed the steps we thought “why are all the people sitting around?” duhhhhh- 3 o’clock parade-so we thought why not wait----- and wait------- and wait----- about 3:20 the parade was coming into sight moving at a snails pace— a slow snail’s pace-----One CM told another the parade was so slow because of the wet streets. Was not impressed with the parade, don’t think I would wait for it again. When we realize there were only about six floats (or Mickey in a fish bowl as my DD calls them) we left after the fourth float for the train. Went around 1 2/3 trips. Got off at toon town, very crowded. Wander over to Buzz lightyear and tried to get a fast pass. It spit out “this is not a valid fast pass, you already have a pass for buzz” or something like that. Fred’s (DH) also did the same thing. So we walked over the fast pass line and explain the whole thing, the CM gave us a fast pass and we started to walk away thinking they were for later but she pointed go right in.

Yes! That is how to get a trip started.

Next we did the people mover, COP and then HM. About that time we were thinking should we stay for Spectromagic or head back and get some sleep, remember we got up at 3 am. So we decided head back, it was about 6:30 and starting to look rather threatening with rain clouds. And we approached Crystal Palace, the first announcement of in 15 min the parade will be started, so we moved faster, then less than ten mins. even before 7 PM— the parade started. We were trapped!!! And then the rains came. We got out shortly before the parade ended and headed to beloved number 18 of the bus stops. You know the bus stop just before you hit the Florida keys. The bus stop that has it’s own zip code. The bus stop…well you get the idea. I forgot to tell you ALL day Fred kept worrying if our luggage would show up. And I kept telling him, we have everything we need for 24 hr. - meds, clothes, toiletries-, don’t worry. So of course all was well when we got to the room.

Oh, side note, for anyone who thought they saw a vendor selling mugs, that was me. On my forty pound waistpack, I had two drink mugs and a pal Mickey. During the rainy days I also hung a small umbrella too. I used those clippy things that baby toys are hung with. I may have looked dumb, but my hands were free and no back pack to take off all the time.

So off to sleep…tomorrow my birthday day.


Great Report can’t wait to read more!


I am soooooo smiling!! this is great so far …but I am waiting to see if you really like the Pop ( I hope you do) and I can not wait to hear about your birthday !!!


Nov 29 - using today as my birthday day - Woke up, put on my “today is my 50th birthday” shirt and my simple but tasteful tiara. Fred got to wear his “today is my wife’s 50th birthday.” Went to food court, got a few “happy birthday” right away. One CM said your shirt must be wrong, you can be any older than…I added “49?”. We went to MK. Got more “happy birthday’s and a few 'hello princess.” Went on rides for a few hours. It was raining a little so we had our CLEAR ponchos on (can’t hide those shirts), headed out about 12 for our 1 PM ressie at le celliar. I forgot, got my birthday button. Asked and waited to sit up front on the monorail from TTC to Epcot. Driver was really quiet-----must have been dumbstruck sitting in the presence of royalty----or maybe he was afraid to open his mouth incase he would start laughing at that goofy lady with the birthday shirt and tiara. Got to Epcot, more happy birthday’s- got about 1/2 from other guests-it sounds so flat on paper, but I really was so thrilled when someone said it.

So we checked in at le celliar, waited about 10 min to get called. We were seated at a small table right underneath a light. I asked Fred is they thought because I was getting older I would need more light to read the menu. Our server was Benjason (one word). He was WONDERFUL. He noted my birthday and then he saw Fred’s shirt and thought we shared a birthday. We don’t, Fred is a whole lot older than I. Almost 11 yrs, but most people think he is younger. OK, back to the meal. So we order the cheese soup (first time) and ny strip steaks. Loved the bread, asked for seconds. The cheese soup was good and it was hot. Steak was also very good, but the food was really second to the service. Benjason came back several times to ask if we needed anything, once calling me “birthday girl”- again this sounds so flat on paper, but it was really nice. A new server “Greg” came to ask if we were thinking about dessert and as we were deciding on what to share, Benjason shows up with a dessert for me. It was a chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse with a raspberry on top and raspberry sauce on the plate. The plate had HAPPY BIRTHDAY written on it with chocolate. There was also a lit candle. And then Benjason start to tell me about someone wanted to say hi but he had to get back to work but he would call if he had the chance. So at that moment the phone that he just happen to have started to ring. It was goofy wishing me “happy birthday” I started getting all teary eye. I said if he wasn’t our sever I would have kissed him. I don’t if that would have been looked on as weird. I felt just so happy and special. Benjason asked if we had a camera, we didn’t even think of taking a picture. We did and he took our picture. By the way, the dessert was delicious. And Benjason got a 25% tip.

After leaving there we moved on to The Land. We wanted to ride Soaring. We got a fast pass and then walked over to Listen to the Land. The CM ask if it was my birthday and gave us a pass to get right into the Land ride. The thing is not 20 min. earlier, I was saying to Fred that I hope something like that would happen.

Now back to Soaring. First time, interesting trip. We sat down, pulled the seat belt waaaaaaay out, click it in, then the CM walks away. I’m expecting the seat belt to retract the extra foot and half I pulled out. It didn’t. No CM’s around, we are taking off. I just held on. I knew the ride moved very little (once you were off the ground) but was still nervous. So first impression, ride was nice but short. Too short. OK, so being the concerned person that I am, I went to pass on the info about the seat belt. After waiting about 20 min for a manager,(I just wanted to say it didn’t work, not a formal report) he asked which seat, which row, I didn’t remember half the stuff. I really wanted him to know the CM shouldn’t run off so quick. So I thought I was on the bottom row so I was fine, but I said if I was on the top row I would have been panic (turns out we were on the top row, but since this was the first time for us, I really didn’t know).

We then moved on to AK. It was a Tues., their late night and people say it’s really pretty at night. We went to see Lion King. Great, great show. Wandered a bit decided to get a bite at Pizzafari (sp). I ordered something and the CM calls over another CM, a young kid, and says “this is her birthday.” The kid looked like who cares. The Cm continues, this is her birthday and we are going to get her a piece of cake. She then turns to the kitchen staff and announces "this is —pauses to get my name-- Joanne’s birthday and we are going to sing to her. I then had the whole staff singing to me. I felt so happy. And the cake was good too.

We then headed over to MGM to see Obourne lights. By the way I got birthday buttons from Epcot and AK, got a congratulation button at MGM. We saw the lights, very pretty. We sat on a wall for a while just looking and listening to music. It was a little empty so it was a good chance to really get a good look.

We then took the boat to Epcot to see the fireworks. The boat was really crowded so we stood for a while. When there were seats open, Fred tells me to sit down and then motions to another women to sit. She tells him “oh no, you better sit down, I read your shirt, you sit with your wife.” So we see the fireworks and I feel like wasn’t it nice for Disney to have fireworks for me on my birthday. We slooooooooowly leave Epcot, head back to the room. As I got off the bus at POP I lost one of my birthday buttons and a guest runs after me to give it back. Wasn’t that nice!! So off to the room and I find balloons and a card from Peter Pan. I think I should turn 50 every year at Disney. It was maybe the best birthday ever. Aside from the extra extra special things, just having dozens of people say happy birthday was wonderful.

That all for today---------tune in tomorrow for more exciting comments from Jo-jo’s TR


oh jo-jo … it sounds like you did have a very magical birthday!!! I am really looking forward to the rest … I bet as you write you will remember details …thats how it works for me :slight_smile:


How nice of everyone!! Great for you!



That is very cool!


jo-jo are we gonna get any pictures?


What a disney birthday. I am so happy you had such a special day…the cms made it so magical for you. You server at lecellier was top-notch and deserved every percent of the 25 you tipped him…kudos to him! I can’t wait to hear the rest. :heart:


I did ask for details and you didn’t let me down. I am loving your trip report, your trip sounds perfect. I smiled teh whole time I was reading it, I can’t wait for more.


LOL! :laugh: I love it! That’s awesome!

Loved your stories about Benjason. How wonderful to have such magical experience!


Sounds so wonderful!! Can’t wait to


after reading this again I thought … Turning 50 every year would be a good thing if you could do it at Disney … Did anyone mention that you and Disney were celebrating the same age?


Sounds like a perfect birthday. Enjoying the TR!


What a heart warming trip report! I couldn’t help but smile the whole way through it! Can’t wait for more!! And to chime in with Tink, how about some pictures!!!


what a great way to spend your birthday! Love your report!