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Tipping…if we need to have bell services bring bags of groceries up, what is the guideline for tips, still $1 per bag for groceries?

With our new DGS things have been a bit crazy. Yesterday I thought I have to get money for tips figured out. It completely slipped my mind. :blink::blink:

A few trips ago I started using paper clips and strips of paper to separate the tips. For example…we have 5 bags, and we are staying at two resorts. Between leaving and going, we will see bell services 4 times, I’d have 4 bundles of 5 dollars clipped with a green paper that said bell service. Housekeeping- 2 bundles (we’ve DVC), ME driver - 2 bundles. I just keep all the tips together, so I’m always ready and no searching for extra ones or whatever. I do throw in an extra $5, $10 and some singles for a “just in case” tip comes up. We also carry other cash, but I don’t like to count tip money in with normal money


I think a $5 tip for groceries would be enough.


…good thread…which prompts me to ask…how much do you all tip per night for housekeeping? Usually, we leave a bigger tip at the end of our visit, but last time we realized that our cleaning staff changed during our visit so I’m going to daily now…but how much is appropriate per day for Disney?


We would do a $ per day per person when we traveled with the family (5). Now that it is usually Pam and me alone I end up doing$4-5.00 per day still.
If we ever requested extra items (soaps, towels, etc.) I might add another $ or two.


I believe most people tip about $1 a day per person per day in a regular resort room. With DVC, we only get housekeeping a few times during a stay. Some days we would only get new towels and trash is picked up, other days a full cleaning, so I would tip a little more on the days of full cleaning.


Great question! We are staying conceirge for the first time and from what I’ve read bell services will take our backs up to check in for us and we want to be prepared to tip correctly also.


1.Buck a day for mousekeeping.

2.Buck or two per bag for bell services.

3.Leaving tips daily for mousekeeping assures that the person that actually cleaned the room gets the money.

4.Leaving tip at the end of the trip one person, not necessarily the actual cleaner, gets the money



I would not tip there at all. It stinks that there isn’t daily cleaning. all the money you guys pay for your membership and not much service? Not good :nonono2:


I originally felt that way too Iris, but now after experiencing it the other way with just towels and garbage on 4th day, I actually like it better. It eliminates the stress of coming back to the room for a nap, wondering if they are going to be there, and if not, when will they show. Didn’t realize I had that stress until it was taken away.


I agree. This was our first DVC stay and it was nice not having them come in and out everyday.

We did not tip for the towel change-out, mostly because we counted wrong and thought it was the next day. We left $30 at the end for the big clean. Our room was NOT messy or dirty at all as we kept it picked up and clean all week.


We usually leave $3 a day if the mess we made were average and expected, basically sleeping-showering-changing. $5 a day if it were left more “lived in”.


We feel this way too except…sometimes an extra few towels would be nice. We are staying in a one bedroom with 5 people (one is under 3), so the towels would be 4 bath towels and whatever else they give you. We will have a washer and dryer but I can see all the towels being used if the kids are given a bath, so then others would have to wait until they could be washed. At times there seems to be a ton of towels, so I’m going to wait see what’s there and then perhaps get the towel pack for the extra fee.


They must hate the Brits…


:eek: We all better love “The Brits”…we wouldn’t be here in America without you!!! :laugh:

Also, I love my BBCA channel and British Comedies on PBS! It’s the best TV we have here now!


Haha well this has been addressed in previous tipping threads, but yes, I know quite a few tipped wdw cm’s that are not so fond of european tourists! :pinch: :laugh:


As a tipping Brit…

$1 per day - per guest in the room for housekeeping.

$3 - $5 for bell services

$2 - $3 for airport transfers / going off property

Is that typically British tipping? I always thought we tipped well enough?


[QUOTE=Campbell87;1109694]As a tipping Brit…

$1 per day - per guest in the room for housekeeping.

$3 - $5 for bell services

$2 - $3 for airport transfers / going off property

Is that typically British tipping? I always thought we tipped well enough?[/QUOTE]

Of course any tip is or should be appreciated, but when I was serving at WDW I was stiffed many, many times by those who come from places where tipping is not customary. Another common occurance is for people to leave $5 dollars. Which is nice, but doesn’t go very far when the bill is $200 or $300. Of course, this is restaurant tipping I speak of. The above mentioned tips look good to me!


Get ready to tip!
Seriously, when you hit the carport, a valet will most likely start to unload your car and then a bellman will come to take you upstairs. The valet gets $1 per bag (all of them!) plus if he’s parking your car, another buck or two.

The bellman also gets $1 per bag when he unloads the cart into your room.
He will also be the one to give you the tour of the room, give you handy tips about the resort and WDW, and will get you a fresh bucket of ice if you wish.

You do not tip a concierge CM unless they provide a real service to you (get you into that hard to get restaurant, fulfill various magical requests, etc).


I agree with you Iris. I’ve been there on towel and trash day and not much is done. Towels put down, trash taken out. That is it - NOTHING else is touched. We do leave a tip on that day, but that is IT. The rest of the time I’m the one tidying AND washing the towels. No one tips me.:glare: Of course, this applies only to DVC. If I was staying in a regular resort room I would definitely tip daily.


DT, we will have two cases of water, and I’m guessing about 4 or 5 grocery bags. Half of which will be large bottles of soda, 1/2 gal of milk, juice, heavy sort of stuff. Still think 5 bucks is ok? Granted even a heavy bag of groceries weighs a lot less than a suitcase, but again, something I’ve never needed to think about, so I just want to be prepared.