JoBro Concert Pre-Sale Ticket RANT and ?s


Uggg!!! So I read online that tickets were going on sale today. Then when I went about purchasing the tickets, I realized they were only available for members of the Team Jonas Fan Club. So I joined ($35). And I went to purchase and it wanted me to join AS I PURCHASED. I do not want two accounts! I thought I was getting some code when I purchased!!! :angry:

Well, I went ahead like I was going to purchase another membership, and there were no $90 seats availableā€¦ the best I could do was a little to the side on the upper half of the lower level (not orchestra seatingā€¦ mezzanine or something like that I suppose) for $70.

So I didnā€™t go though with it.

Iā€™m reading this Team Jonas Pre-Sale thing on the website, and it looks like they only block a certain number of seats to sell in advance (makes sense). Now, Iā€™m wondering if I would be able to buy the $90 tickets if I wait until they go on sale officially on 27th. Thoughts?

Either way, Iā€™ve spent $35 on a stupid Team Jonas membership that I didnā€™t want. I filled it out for my sister, though. She should be getting some welcome letter from the JoBros and a gift.


I went last year. 17 rows away. It was AMAZING. I reallllly wanna go again. I bought my tickets on Craigslist.

I keep meaning to joing Team Jonas, but I always procrastinate and forgetā€¦ lol.


Want to buy my membership from me? :laugh:


I would buy them first thing when they go on sale on the 27th. I have an AMEX Gold card and it allows me to get presale tickets as well, but it always seems to be the mid to upper lower level on the side. I want closer- so I wait and can usually get better when they open up all the seats. Or look at different ticket brokers online and see if they have better seats already!