John Carter


Ok so I have been reading about this John Carter movie. It sounds pretty cool.

For those that don’t know John Carter story line is considered the seed story for much of the SciFi genre we enjoy. I was surprised to learn that John Carter is the most reference character in science fiction (he is referenced in other stories as the first Mars colonist, or has colony, ships, etc after him).

The basic storyline for Disney’s John Carter sounds pretty similar to Avatar which got me thinking why did they just pay half a billion to do Avatar world when they have their own scifi enviro property in the works.

Rumor is John Carter cost close to a billion dollars to make, the only licensed products will be high end collectables. There are basic storyline sketches for 2 more movies.

All the reviews I have read have said that this film is visually stunning…hope I have my 70 inch HD tv when it comes out for rental.


I have seen the preview of John Carter twice and it certainly does look like it would have cost big $$$$ to make. It isn’t my type of movie and it will be interesting to see how well it does at the theater. I know in the past some of the Disney made movies aimed more at adults haven’t fared so well so the jury is still out.


I think they have done a terrible, terrible job of marketing this. There doesn’t seem to be any excitement about it, and it seems like there should be.


I agree on the marketing…From what I am reading people that have seen it come out raving about it. That might be the best marketing if they are looking at running it through the spring and summer.


I totally agree with you. Knowing the books, I hope they did a good job with the movie, but the trailers don’t make me want to leave my house :sad:


I’m not inspired, either… and it’s Taylor Kitsch. I mean… Taylor Kitsch. That in itself should be enough. :laugh:


[QUOTE=Andrea;1103861]I’m not inspired, either… and it’s Taylor Kitsch. I mean… Taylor Kitsch. That in itself should be enough. :laugh:[/QUOTE]OMG I am getting too old. Who the heck is this Taylor Kitsch? I don’t believe I have ever seen him. Teeny Bopper, :laugh::laugh:

I better stop before soundgod comes along…:ph34r:


He was on Friday Night Lights. And I should have HATED his slacker character… but I just couldn’t. :laugh:


errrrrrhhhhhh…:blink::blink: Heehee


Oh, come on! :laugh: Friday Night Lights was one of the best shows ever… and I don’t even really LIKE football! :laugh:


I will go seeit definitely…disney has alot riding on this


We will go see it too. But first we have to see The Lorax with DGD!


Reminds me a lot of the first Pirates movie. Bad marketing, panned by critics, people loved it.


Loved the book but never watched the show.


The Muppets never showed up on my little island. John Carter is at the movies TODAY. :cool:

However, the Guardian (a United Kingdom paper) HATED it, basically calling it “doughy white bread”. :eek:

Entertainment Weekly gave it a D. Looks like the reviews are 68% to 72% rating. :mellow:


Well I guess they HAVE done a bad job, because I’ve never heard of it! :happy:


Well it is officially being called a flop…anyone see it this weekend?


I saw it and we all really liked it.


Haven’t seen it yet, but I plan on it. I truly never listen to the “critics” as I always view the movie the opposite of them. I sometimes wonder if they are being critical to be “politically correct” in bashing Disney. I will see soon enough if they are correct or not.