Johnkimv's Most Memorable Trip Yet!


We are back from our 5 night 6 day trip to WDW!! This has been our most memorable trip to date as a family!!

I have lots to do, but I just wanted to leave you with my favorite picture!!

Details to come, I should be able to start day one tonight!


You MUST submit that photo to AllEars “photo of the week” immediately! It is SOOOO adorable and excellent! I am SURE it will get chosen!


OMG!!! I love that picture!!! Cant wait to read your TR


Love that picture; can’t wait to hear about this trip!


Too Cute!! Cant wait to hear all about it!


What an awesome picture! I can’t wait to hear about your trip.


omg so so cute!


Adorable!! But have to say, disapointed you are already leaving us hanging, especially with a thread title like that!!!:happy:


:pinch: Cliffhanges, I dislike cliffhangers.
I love that photo - brilliant. What’s the story there :biggrin: come back and tell


LOVE THE PICTURE! Can’t wait for the TR!



I agree that picture is the BEST!!! :wub:

After following your updates on FB I can’t wait to read the whole TR!


I was thinking the exact same thing!:laugh: You must submit that photo, its a winner for sure! Can’t wait for the rest…


[QUOTE=Dopey;990626]:pinch: Cliffhanges, I dislike cliffhangers.

Ehh umm…excuse me?! :eek::laugh:


That picture is AMAZING. I hope you enlarged it and have it hanging in the house. Wow, you could not have planned a picture that great.


That is one adorable photo!
Nice kickoff to your TR.


Exactly what I was going to suggest.


All I have to say is thank GAWD we are starting to get some TR’s again!! It seemed like we had a summer drought of only a few TR’s every few weeks! I guess everyone was waiting for Free Dining before they went on vacation. I’ve read 3 so far today and I’m not even done yet!

Ok…going to read yours now…woohoo!


Ok…I was fooled there is only one post in here so far! But…now I have something to look forward to!

I :heart: that picture…please blow it up, frame it and submit it to every photo contest you can think of. It’s amazing!


A great photo and perhaps with a great story to go with it? I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip!


great photo,wwwooowww. can not wait to hear the rest of it.