Johnkimv's Trip Report: Disney's Vero Beach Resort


June 20-22, 2012

Kim (me) 34
John (DH) 33 - but not for long…
Haley (DD) 7
TJ (DS) 6

We had a few days to kill before heading to a wedding in Lake Mary, FL so we decided (kinda last minute) to rent points for a room at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Thanks to my friendly and reliable DVC friend, we saved a heck of a lot of money and after a few tries, we were able to get a studio when the rest of the resort was sold out.

For those of you that have been following the weather… It is quite wet in Florida right now- drenched!!


Yay! Trip report! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I would not be opposed to a review or pics on my page if you have time. :mickey:


I still plan on it Dana…


Ok, so I wanted to do a Trip Report on this resort because I could not find much info when researching after I booked.

We live in SE Florida and about 5 minutes from the beach. Usually if we vacation at the beach, we will head to the West Coast of Florida- particularly Fort Myers Beach, Naples and Marco Island. While our beaches on the east side are beautiful, I am not a big fan of the waves and seaweed that the Atlantic Ocean presents.


With that said…

We left the house on Wednesday morning at 7am for our 2 hour drive north to Vero Beach. After a stop at DH’s favorite restaurant for breakfast (Waffle House) we were on our way to check in. We probably arrived around 10am and unfortunately our room was not ready. I did not expect it to be as I knew the resort was booked. We walked around and checked the place out and received a text that our room was ready by noon.

We booked a DVC Studio. I have stayed in DVC studios before and I felt that this one was quite small compared to AKLV and BCV. One of the things I LOVED about this resort was that even though we were in the building that was farthest away from the pool, it was still so close.

Our room was #1214 in building 12 on the 1st floor. Another great thing about this resort is that your parking spot is under your building!

As I said before, the weather was horrible!! It rained that horrible constant drizzle the entire day on Wednesday. Luckily there wasn’t any thunder or lightning so the pool remained open. The beach are was open as well, but as you will see, it was quite rough!


Here are some pictures of the beach, including the shack where you can rent the necessary beach supplies. As you can see it was a very slow day for them!


One thing I was a little surprised with was how little beach they had… down my way we have soooo much sand that it is sometimes a hike just to get to the water.


When you check in you are given the resort’s Playful Pastimes list of activities. I was impressed with the number of activities that the resort offers- some free, some at cost…

I am not sure how well you will be able to see a list of the activities that are offered, but here are some:

Surf School
Painting Mickey Plates
Fishing FUNdamentals
Shark Tooth Necklaces
Tie Dye Mickey Shirts
Treasure Hunts
Sing A Long Campfire
Turtle Walks
Paper Airplanes
Family Bingo
Poolside Party w Games
DIY Seashell Bags
Introduction to Wine
and much much more!


My children participated in the Poolside Party and the UnBirthday Party on Wednesday besides enjoying the pool and great waterslide!

The UnBirthday Party is WONDERFUL!! They will take your kids (ages 4-10) for 1 whole our for an unbirthday celebration including a Pinata and cupcake decorating!! And the best part… it was 100% FREE!!!

DH and I took that time to go enjoy a nice cocktail or two at the Green Cabin room which had beautiful views of the ocean. I was thrilled to see that they had the same drink menus as the WDW resorts on property. I opted for the EcoTini- mainly because I wanted the bamboo bracelet that was attached! For an appetizer, we chose the Sweet Thai Chili Rock Shrimp and they were delicious!


Thank you for posting this. I’ve always wanted to hear a first hand experience at this resort. Keep it coming! :smile:


" I opted for the EcoTini"

I have quite a collection of the bracelets as well!


You rock.

I can’t believe all the cool activities they have! I have never been and have not had the opportunity to help someone plan one of those vacations yet. I look forward to every detail you share:flowers:


Where to get food…

DVBR has the following restaurants / counter service: (They do not offer a dining plan)

Bleachers Bar and Grill- Your basic WDW counter service located at the pool. This location also includes a take away bar and the infamous mug refill station. For those of you that are interested, they sell the same mugs for the same price as they do at the WDW Resorts.

In Room Dining along with Pizza to Go

Sonya’s Restaurant only open for dinner Thursday-Sunday and Goofy’s Beachfront Breakfast (Donald and Goofy appear) on Saturday. More of an upper scale restaurant.

Shutters Restaurant Offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with a Sunday Brunch and a Surfside Seafood Buffet. In addition, there is a Pirate Character Dinner on Monday nights featuring Pirate Goofy and Pirate Donald.

The Green Cabin Room is on up stairs with seating inside and outside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. They have a light meal/appetizer menu and drink menu. It is very dark inside with a lounge like look and feel.


During our stay, we used Bleachers for Lunch, The Green Cabin Room for drinks and appetizers and the Surfside Seafood Buffet at Shutters.

The food at Bleachers was great- We ordered the pizza for the kids and the Caribbean Cuban Sandwich for DH and I to share. They even offer Dole Whips and the usual prepackaged WDW Ice Cream Novelties.


When we arrived on Wednesday, we had no problem making reservations for the Surfside Seafood Buffet for the next night.

After we picked up the kid from the UnBirthday Party, we decided to leave the resort for dinner. My DB has been to DVBR a few times and recommended that we head over to Captain Hiram’s in Sebastian for dinner. Treasure Coast Restaurant, Sebastian Florida ? Capt Hiram?s Resort

The place was empty because it was a week day and it was only about 4pm. We sat right along the water and it was simply beautiful!! Nothing like seeing some dolphins and fish jump and play while eating! The food there was good and cheap and I would definitely return.


We were up bright and early on Thursday morning and decided to head to the beach to see the sun rise and to check out the turtle nest situation!

During June and July, DVBR offers guests the chance to go on a night time Turtle Walk. If you are interested, you will need to put your name in the lottery the morning before the walk and the kids in your group must be 7+ due to the fact that there is a lot of walking.

We didn’t get to do this as it was offered for Friday night and we were leaving Friday morning. But, they have a sign in the lobby suggesting that you meet their Turtle Team on the beach at 7am daily to check the new nests.

We met up with one gentleman who was on the Turtle Team and he explained what he was looking for and what he does. By the time we got to him, he already found and staked out 4 new nests from the night before. We followed him down the beach until it just go too far and then headed to the pool.

Here are some pics from the beach… (Did you know that the Turtle Team will dig up the turtle nests to make sure there are actually eggs in there??? I had no idea!) Look at the turtle tracks the turtles make when they head back into the ocean!


Beach is bigger than when I stayed there. But I love the quietness. Around here (Virginia Beach) it’s all hotels and crowds.

And the Sunday Burnch at VB is wonderful!!!


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1114513]Beach is bigger than when I stayed there. But I love the quietness. Around here (Virginia Beach) it’s all hotels and crowds.

And the Sunday Burnch at VB is wonderful!!![/QUOTE]

I was definitely surprised by all of the quietness, especially for being at capacity.


After our little Turtle Hunt on Thursday morning we decided to hit the pool, but it wasn’t open yet. The pool opens at 8am (slide @ 10am) so we watched the life guards do their life saving drills. We ordered Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel sandwiches for breakfast and just relaxed. The pool area eventually filled as the day went on, but nothing too crazy. We participated in the “Pool Party” and we had a blast.

We signed the kids up to make a shark tooth necklace ($10 each). While it was fun, I thought the $10 price tag was a little pricey for what you got.

We played Miniature Golf, Billiards and Ping Pong and then returned back to our room around 3pm to cool down. By this time it was cooking out there and we had dinner reservations I wanted the kids to rest up for.


Here are some pictures of the pool area…