Jolly Roger Hotel?


hey yall,

Im going to be staying at the Jolly Roger Hotel when my mom and I go for my vacation in August. Anyone ever stayed there? What is it like? Any info would be great, thanks!


I’ve not stayed there, but by the looks of their website, its looks nice. In case you haven’t checked it out…

Anaheim hotel near Disneyland® - Jolly Roger Hotel Anaheim


My best friend and I stayed there for one night back in '00. It was SMALL, I remember being surprised how small the hotel is. It was alright, definately served it’s purpose. I’ll be honest and say the rooms were kinda tacky. I remember outdated wood furniture that kinda looked late 70’s and LOUD textiles in the room.

It was close, comfortable enough, and we were totally fine there. I probably wouldn’t choose it again but in a last minute pinch it was totally fine.


PS: I should also mention that it was definately close enough to walk to the parks and they could have updated things since I was there 8 years ago. Hopefully they’ve redone the rooms. They weren’t dirty or anything just blah.