Jonesing for DTD and meeting Peter Pan!


This past weekend, Robio and I drove from South Florida to Tampa to attend the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. We had to drive through Orlando to do it, but let me tell you, for Disney fanatics like us, I can not TELL you how hard it was to drive through, knowing that WDW and DTD were RIGHT THERE, and we had to drive past them! I was pouting like you wouldn’t believe!

Then when we got to the Renaissance Festival, I got a big treat. Some of you may know about Peter Pan … who has achieved cult status, and has even appeared on Conan O’Brien! I’ve been following his website for some time, and am an admitted fan (I wish MORE people had his outlook on life!)

But as we got to the faire and started looking around, who do I see but HIM… THE Peter Pan himself! I had to go up and tell him what a big fan I was, and how great what he was doing was, and I was lucky enough to get a photo, so I thought I’d share with you all :slight_smile:

It was so cute, Robio went to take the photo and Peter goes, “Make sure you you use the flashy flash! It brings the smiles out!”

Funny how I didn’t intend it, but the photo looks like Peter, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell LOL


I am…speechless. You’re really a fan of that guy, huh? I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but…wow. But then again, even William Hung has fans, so to each his own.

Hey Dementia, are either of those girls you? The costumes are very cool.


What a great photo - love the costumes!


:eek: I can’t believe it. Driving through Orlando…what am I saying…
Driving BY WDW and not stopping even at DTD???:eek:

I am shocked. What willpower, what strength…You are amazing


Ive seen that Peter Pan page before–it’s been awhile…wow…


Great photo. Thanks for sharing it. :mickey:


LOL, he’s not for everyone, I’ll admit. It’s a bit shocking at first, of course. But if you actually read his site, you have to admire the guy a bit. To have that positive outlook on life, to have that kind of courage? I think it’s great.

Yeah the middle one is me. There’s a better one of me (and Robioright here My friends call it my “Captain Morgan” outfit. The other woman I believe is his SO. I’ve seen her in a lot of his photos, so I assume that’s her.

Oh it was HARD!!! I was WHIMPERING like you wouldn’t believe! My bottomt lip was practically STUCK in the out position :slight_smile:


You’ve got one more post, and then you’ll notice a new thread called “Chit Chat.” Come on down and join the insanity.


Nice looking couple!! And you’re right, it DOES look like Cpt. Morgan…who is one of my favorite pirates. :whistling


What does SO mean?


SO is “Signifigant Other” :heart:


Oh, I have seen that Peter Pan guy’s website before! He gives me the creeeeeeeps! LOL!

In fact, I think there was a thread on him here at one time…


OH! But you guys ARE adorable! Very cool costumes!


Just checked out the sight. I couldn’t agree more with you Erin. :eek:

In my world “SO” equals “DW”.


I must be really out of the loop. WHo is that guy and what web site?

Lisa :mickey:


The best intentions are not always the right intentions.

I saw that guys page a few years back, even saw him on Conan. But, my feelings are somewhat different. :laugh:


You’re not the only one. :confused: Nice picture though! I guess I’ll go have a look at his website.


Cool picture!

We are going to do the Family Tour at MK and our tour guides will be Peter Pan and Wendy. Probably won’t be the same PP. The tour is suppose to be like a treasure hunt to save the MK from Hook. Then PP and Wendy go on an attraction with the group at the end.

Oh, and how could you not atleast stop at DTD if not just for a stoll. I would not be able to have the will power that you had.


How are your feelings different now?

shrug He’s harmless in my opinion. Just enjoying being a big kid, and enjoying the magic every day. I kinda admire his courage to do that in the face of a society who looks down on those who look different than us :slight_smile: But thats just me :wink:


Nah won’t be the same PP. The one at MK looks a LOT younger :slight_smile:

I should have stopped at DTD on the way back but I was exhausted and drifting in and out of sleep

Believe me I’ll be making up for it next month when we go!