Journey into Narnia


Did it reopen yet?


Haven’t heard…


Havent heard. The previous one was not very good.


Can’t wait to get to meet Prince Caspian.


We skipped it on both of our trip that it was open. First time because of lines. Second time because of reviews.


We loved visiting it on our last trip. The White Which looked just like the one in the Movie!

I heard that it was supposed to open May 26th, but now see they’ve changed the date to late June :frowning:

Update: just checked and it now says opening “Summer 2008”


I was hoping it would open around 5/16(date of the movie).


Um, hello, because it WAS the White Witch :biggrin:


I have to agree she was a great White Witch. I can’t wait to see the movie, I hate fighting the crowds though. It opens the day after my birthday and I want DH to take me to see it. Maybe we’ll wait for the weekend crowds to be gone. I read all the books, started them with DS but couldn’t wait for him and left him int he dust.:blush:
I kept wondering what they would do with it but decided to wait to get there and see for myself. But I’m glad to hear it’s staying but changing!