Jr. Dinning Plan


I wish Disney offered a dinning plan that could accomodate a picky 12 year old like a jr. mealplan. He eats pretty much what I find on the childs menu at every resturant we have ADR’s at.

Will they allow him to eat a kids meal even though we are paying for an adult? and should we pay for his meal seperate and save his TS meals for a signature resturant for me and DH?

What do you all think?


I would try & save the meals and pay out of pocket for his meals. The problem is that many places, (I’ve heard), will not let you separate the meals. I heard that they are now requiring you to use up the table service meals if there are any left on your plan. In other words, you must all pay the same way, unless, for example, there are only 2 meals left on your card and there are more than 2 of you eating. It may be that some servers will let you still do this, who knows? I know that we did do exactly this in 2006. We actually bought the adult plan for DS when he was only 8, but that’s because he is also picky in a different way… he’s not fond of what is termed “kid 's food” ! He enjoys steak, seafood, all the adult choices, etc. We only tried one kids meal & vowed not to try again, as DBF ended up eating my son’s chicken finger meal. So, we payed cash for my son’s meals when we were at any buffets or character meals since he was well within the age limit to be classified as a child. Then, we were able to save his Table-services for whenever.


[QUOTE=Remy]I wish Disney offered a dinning plan that could accomodate a picky 12 year old like a jr. mealplan. He eats pretty much what I find on the childs menu at every resturant we have ADR’s at.


I’m all about that suggestion, too! We’ve never done the dining plan because it would be money not well spent for our family. We can’t justify paying adult price for DS(11). He’s very happy eating from the children’s menu and would prefer to graze through the day instead of eating big meals. Heck, he’d rather spend his time playing than eating! :laugh:


I am in the same boat with my two. Most of the time my nearly 14 yr. old is happy with the kids menu. He is a picky eater. My 10 yr. old is even pickier. This is the major reason we have not used the DDP. A JR. DP would be ideal!


Maybe we should forward this to the powers-that-be!:laugh:
It is a good idea. My DD 12, is usually ok with ordering from the adult menu. She loves steak and crab legs, so we get our money’s worth with her. :laugh:
DS 9, is more picky. Next year, when we pay adult prices for him(unless we cash in on free dining again!), I am not so sure it is worth it to get the dining plan. Unless we eat sushi every meal, he can eat $40 worth of sushi in 15 minutes!:blow:


Our kids are just the opposite - they prefer to eat off the adult menu. My 7yo is a meat eater and my 4yo seems to have been born a vegetarian - he wants a salad, veggies, etc.

We’ve had great luck with nearly all of our TS meals. We politely make requests to modify the menu and the CM are most accomodating. In lieu of the kids meal, we will order a fruit plate for my 4yo (Le Cellier does this wonderfully!:blush: ) or perhaps a small salad and a side. For the carnivore, we will try to order something beefy or similar. We have, on occasion, paid cash or burned an adult TS credit for her, but more often the CM is able to work out something agreeable.


My granddaughter and I were on the dining plan the first week in June. It worked out great. We never had a problem at counter service or sit down service. If she was with others she just used her room card. The rest of the group of either 9-15 sat down at a meal and they were on the Disney Dining Experience ($65) and you have to have annual passholder tickets. (10 people can eat off one card) You get a 20% discount on meals. It didn’t matter where we ate we would say we were on the Disney Dining Plan and they were on DDE. They all excepted it and we ate at 6 sit down meals.


I think it would be so beneficial to so many families. It would be more beneficial to Disney also. They would have many more people signing up for DP.


I would love to have a jr dining plan option! My oldest will be 11 on our next trip but he is not a big eater and I cringe at the thought of him eating so little at an adult price!:pinch: When the time gets closer I have already decided to look at our options and take a look at what prices we would be paying with and without the plan. Right now, my thought is to not put him on the plan and pay OOP for all his meals, the others will still be at a child rate. We’ll have to wait and see.


We have a DD 12 and DD 15 we pay for adults and they eat off the kids menu. I am glad they changed the DDP because now we will save money just with the kids alone. We are not getting it this year. I think we will do better.


What an absolutely fabulous idea – Junior Dining Plan!! I would love it if it were for ages, say, 10-13. It’s just so not fair to include a 10 year old as an adult. You should submit that idea to Disney and maybe more people would buy in to the Dining Plan.