July Dining News


Citricos and Citricos Chef’s Domain at the Grand Floridian Resort are open daily now through the week ending September 27, 2008.

Liberty Tree Tavern - Beginning January 5, 2009, the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree Tavern will no longer offer character dining. The last character dinner at the Tavern will be on January 4, 2009. (Posted July 1, 2008)

Garden Grill Lunch - Beginning October 6, 2008, Epcot’s Garden Grill will no longer serve lunch. The Garden Grill will continue to serve dinner.

Not sure if anyone posted this yet.


Thanks for the info.
There has been some talk on here about LTT, but this is the first I’ve heard of the Garden grill.


We weren’t going to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern during our October trip but I called and changed it the other day, we are now eating there before the MNSSHP because I am going to miss that character dinner. :sad:


thanks for the information. None of the above effects my vacation. I hqve only been to LTT once for lunch and have no desire to go there for the characters for dinner. Same for garden grill…just never really wanted to eat there. I am sorry for all those LTT lovers who will now be missing their fav character meal.


If Garden Grill will no longer serve lunch, it seems like a real waste of space being open only for dinner. especially as they cut breakfast a few years ago.


Boy, I agree! I get the feeling that Garden Grill is one of those restaurants that people aren’t even aware of. There’s so much going on in The Land that it’s easy to overlook - and now that the Food Court is so good, most people eat there.


My thoughts exactly. They do have that quick service place downstairs there and they serve all three meals. Maybe GG just wasn’t getting enough “play”??


Maybe they should consider revamping the whole thing. It doesn’t seem worth it to have it there and only be open for dinner.


I posted in another thread,(It was newspaper article) that is was Disney’s way of cutting cost. Like removing characters at LTT . . . they didn’t have to pay 10 CMs extra to work there, and they can turn the tables over faster without characters.

I’m sure it’s the same here . . . lunch was never as busy as dinner, and there are 4 characters to be seen here as well . . .

I also read that there will be over 300 displaced CMs when PI closes . . . :eek: Even Disney is feeling the pinch!


So sad. I am glad we are going in September then! But our next vacation in 2010 will have to undergo a lot of changes. . . hmmm. :pinch: