July fourth week


Anyone ever been week of July 4th? Looking to see if the norm is any different. My daughter is giving birth to our grandson around Mother’s Day. So, we are taking our granddaughter to WDW the week of July 4th. My birthday, our anniversary and my granddaughter’s birthday will be our celebrations. She will be turning 4 and we want to make it special, especially with the arrival of a sibling who will be getting most of the attention for a while.


We’ve been there during that time and I loved it. The crowd levels are around a 7-8 in the week leading up to it. The third and the 4th they go up to a 9 and 10. It was so crowded on the 4th that if you don’t like being with that many people, you should probably avoid MK, but we thought it was exciting. It requires very careful planning when touring the parks, but if you follow a touring plan, and plan on the heavy crowds those two days, it is still a very enjoyable time. We expected to get on nothing at MK on the 4th, but still managed to get on some of the main attractions because we got there early. We saved Tom Sawyer, Liberty Riverboat and some of the other less poplular attractions for that day, so we weren’t disappointed :slight_smile:


We have been the week of July 4th…they do extra special fireworks displays at 3 parks. The year we went, they sent off the special fireworks on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

We saw them in the MK on the 3rd with less crowds, and then in DHS on the 4th and Epcot the 5th. They are different than regular firework displays with salute to the military…I highly recommend it. Perhaps with a 4 year old you might want to take a break during the day for a “rest” from the crowds. You can come back later. If you are staying on the property and take the buses, they can get crowded after the fireworks, so a mid day rest might prove helpful…for everyone. :happy:


Thanks for the info! We have been to WDW for New Year’s eve so we know how to manage the crowds thank goodness. If you know what you are doing even the most crowded times can be enjoyable. Sounds like the 4th is the same, but maybe slightly less crowded. We are DVC and will be staying on site. We will be at Kindani for the first time so we will need to gauge the bus route for the first time. Our home is BLT but unfortunately it was not available this time…sure wish it was especially this time of year.


…it is indeed like New “Ears” Eve…have a great time!


If you know how to manage the crowds, then I’d definitely suggest it! The fireworks they did were amazing! Have fun!!


We will also be down there for July 4th week. We plan on hanging around the campground and grilling July 4th, but we are looking forward to it.


We will be there too! We’ve been before around that time and it is really busy!
We were originally planning to go in March around our birthdays but I couldn’t get the time off college! :pinch: so the end of June is the only time we can go now but I’m sure it’s still gonna be fun!! :laugh: