Jumpin' Jellyfish... Mickey Talks


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Seems there was a test for the new talking Mickey Mouse character.


That is pretty unreal! It is sooooo good… Makes me think I was 5 for a second…


:eek: that is just amazing. I hope they bring it to the parks real soon:blush:
thanks for sharing :heart:


That would be awesome to see!!


Very very cool.

I have a friend who works for WDW - not a bus driver - who said that it is expensive technology that still needs to be fine tuned. Can’t wait for it - and I am sure my daughter would love to actaully have a little conversation with Minnie!!! :heart:


that is so very cool


:heart:I love, love,love it!
This would make my 9DD a believer again. She’s been walking that fine line of disbelief this year:crying:


I LOVE it! Its always hard to explain to the little ones why the characters don’t talk in person.


I wonder if this would use some of the same technology that they used for Turtle Talk with Crush and whatever the name of the talking trash can is.