Jumping for joy!


The kids stay and play for free offer came out for Disney Visa Holders and I just saved us 330.00!!!:mickey::mickey:


Fantastic. When are you going?


YEAAAAHHHH!!! :laugh:for you!!!
I love my Disney visa card:heart:


We’re going Aug. 29th 2011, I jumped on that when the free dining came out but when I saw this offer I figured why not call and see how the math works out and when she told me I would save 330.00 for switching to this promo, I said, sure why not, I love saving me some money :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=tinker2222;1060413]YEAAAAHHHH!!! :laugh:for you!!!
I love my Disney visa card:heart:[/QUOTE]

me too!!!
and I just called my friend got her all excited about it and bam, she doesn’t own a DV card, omg I said how can you not, but I feel bad now that I got her all excited.


And so the countdown begins :mickey: :goofybounce:


That is great news! I wish that that deal was still a good one for us, and it would be if Disney would not call my 12 year old and 10 year old adults. :frown:


omgosh i know i am very upset that the kids age stops at 9…i’ve written letters to complain about that, they more or less said nothing, they took my letter and have to review it with the board members, etc.
seriously I know my 9 year old will still eat the same kids portion when she is 10:blush:


I have a Disney visa card. Where did you see this offer?? I think I need to look into this! :wub:


Walt Disney World Current Codes, Discounts, Special Offers


I just checked mousesavers.com historical discount calendar and noticed that the kids stay/play and dine for free came out in march 2010…so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out again around the same time in 2011…dining free would be even better!!!
keep your fingers crossed!!!


Thank you so much!


We are going in March 2011 on free dinning. It’s our very first time with this promo, I sooo excited.


I had the free dining to it was the first time I ever got it but this offer worked out cheaper for us. Congrats to you to!!! enjoy!


you’re welcome!
Good Luck!


LOL! Anna is an adult this year too!:laugh::laugh:


WOO-HOO! I just love it when I’ve already paid for something and I get money back! Congratulations!:happy:


Thank you!
I still owe money but its 330.00 less now, lol


I know the link was shown for this was not the visa site, but I thought card holders were suppose to get emails about this. I never seem to get them.

It is posted on the visa site.


I’m feeling your pain. Next visit DD15 will be 16, ok i’ll take her as an adult. But DD’s 11 & 12 adults…really???