June 18 thru 26 budget trip planned


we’re going to stay off site, and visit typhoon lagoon and universal studios. i am still debating about renting a car since we can take a shuttle.

lack of funds, and old sentimentality made me choose best western lakeside on 192. it was our first ever hotel and our first ever family vaca to WDW so… we’ve been 3 other times and had a good experience.

i can get a car for 215 through orbits. still debating.


I :heart: best western lakeside! My friend and I stayed there last march for my birthday. That hotel would be my only off site choice. Beautiful hotel and super clean.


the AAA rate is 55 a night during hi season, and I already know that I like the theme and number of pools.

for the price of an off site hotel and rental car, i could not get a room only rate onsite for three people, plus there’s the cost of tickets etc. this seems to be the most economical choice.


i would forgo the rental-unless you are going other places than disney… use that money to do stuff with it at disney. No need for the shirt that says," I went to disney and rented a car" (Just kidding) But I would have a hard time spending my money on a car when at the end of the week- I would have nothing to show for it… Have a great trip! It will be fun to just be there.


As unbelievable as it seems, you can still stay at the All Star resorts this summer without a car cheaper than you can at the Best Western and with a car…


Well, a rental car would be handy but how many nights are you going for?

Ask the hotel questions like how often do your shuttles run, since it’s summer & pressumably busy do they add more shuttles into the loop if they get full? I’d hate to see you miss a shuttle & have to wait another hour or something b/c it filled up with guests waiting before you.

Otherwise, I agree with cjtownman. If you are going to stay off site AND pay for a rental car then just stay at a Disney economy hotel & skip the rental car 'cause the buses are constant.


Does your hotel have a shuttle to US?
I saw you said you wanted to go there. If not I guess your only option would be to rent a car or take a taxi and I am not sure how much that would be.
Have fun on your trip! A budget trip to WDW is still a trip to WDW and I’m jealous!
Have a great time!


BWL has a shuttle, I’m going to call and find out the times. I seriously don’t wanna stay in a value during Summer break. Nothing against little kids when they come in quantities of about a dozen or so, but I’ve heard tales so we’re better to stay off site, PLUS there aren’t any value rooms left at this late time.

thanks cinder