June 2006 Calendar


I’ve been keeping an eye open for the June calendar on disney.com, but they only go up to May. Then I went on wdwinfo.com and by golly, they had June 2006 posted. Is the info trustworthy? It does say the info is based on the prior year’s schedule, but do you think it would probably be OK to make plans by?

Here’s the link:


June’s info should be out next month. I personally wouldn’t spend a lot to time planning around last year’s schedule, especially EMH hours. BTW, I’m a obsessive planner, but do you really need the schedule seven months in advance?


Here is a direct link: The info is NOT on the canlendar but you CAN click on the dates (ie:The 1 or 2…on the calendar) and see the info.


Here is a link for 6/15/06:


I know this is an older thread, but I wanted you to knwo you can view June now…