June 2010 specials & temps?


:heart: So our family finally all agreed on June 19th t 25th of 2010 :smile::smile: I cant stop SMILING.
How in the world am I going to wait that long? :laugh::laugh: My family is going to stuff ME in a suit case soon, they are sooooo sick of hearing it, 10 months I just may BURST!!!

Sorry back to topic! We ussually go in the early spring so I’m really out of my Disney element here. Dose anyone know when the summer specials start (if any)?
Also how the temp. that time of year?:confused:
I can’t stop thinking of more things to ask; I’m just in such a tissy!

I must say it’s great to find people who are so in love with Disney too!
:wink: Robyn


Can’t speak for prices, but temps are in the low to mid 90’s and it’s also the start of the rainy season.


WAIT! Rainy season? :blow::eek:
How much dose it rain? every day once a week?
Is this not a good time to visit? I just talked 25 family members into going :crying::crying:


All of my trips to WDW have always been sometime from late June through late July (I’m a school teacher, so my vacation times are limited). It has never rained all day or even every day. There usually is some early afternoon showers that quickly pass. I can’t ever remember it raining for more than an hour or so.

It will be in the 90’s, but that’s all the more reason to head back to the resort for a dip in the pool or to cool off in an air conditioned activity (e.g. walking thru the shops, eating a late lunch, etc.)

I always remind myself that it will soon snow back home, so the heat never gets me down!

Enjoy your trip! I’ll be following you with out next vacation booked for July 2010!!!


It’s Florida. Every season is rainy season.
I agree with the others. I can tell ya, when we were there in July. We often prayed for a sprinkle while in the parks. You will have a great time!


It’s going to be hot and rainy but you can still have fun. We go every summer and never let it stop us. We get to the parks as soon as they open and take a break every afternoon to swim and shower so we’re ready to hit the parks again in the evening.


Just like the others said…it rains a little bit in the afternoon but not for long. We were there a few weeks ago, considered the rainy season, and it only rained one day-for about 30 minutes.
I hope you have a magical trip. Until then, have fun planning:)


[QUOTE=tinker2222;984645]WAIT! Rainy season? :blow::eek:
How much dose it rain? every day once a week?
Is this not a good time to visit? I just talked 25 family members into going :crying::crying:[/QUOTE]

You’ll have a great time but Soundgod is right, we were just there from June 24th-July 2nd. It averaged about 91-94 degrees and it rained about 5-6 of our 9 days there.

Don’t freak about it just be prepared, many of the storms are late afternoon & you can always go back to your resort for a rest & a change during that time. Buy some small ponchos in those traveler’s packs, I saw them on clearance at Target last month & keep them in a park bag you are using.

Otherwise, it’s a good time to go, I am forced to go during school breaks b/c I am a teacher so I adjust to the crowds/heat/rain. This past June was NOT bad crowd wise at all.


Yes, most of the time those storms do pass through fairly rapidly.
But sometimes, when the moisture is training in from the Bahamas, what you hoped would end fast will go on for hours. On June 16 it started raining around 5 and it really didn’t stop until 10. None of the night time entertainment happened that night. No Wishes, no SpectroMagic, no water parade, no Illuminations, no Fantasmic.
Also remember, that the first two times they tried to launch the Space Shuttle in July, they couldn’t because of rain. I saw something like this on May 25 too. The skies were threatening most of the afternoon and at 7:15, the sky opened up and it didn’t stop until 9. Epcot was deluged!
So, I’m not trying to rain on your parade (or Spectromagic either) but the weather can be very unpredictable. Just be prepared. Carry an umbrella most of the time and have quick drying footwear.


We went once in June and it was very hot. The humidity is what got to me though. And then the thunderstorms came through every day in the afternoon. Wear shoes around the pool too because the surface gets extremely hot.


My family and I were just there June 27-30. It was HOT. It was forecasted to rain every day for hours at a time, but it only rained for 10 minutes on 2 days. Stuff some ponchos, sunscreen, and water bottles in a bag, have a back-up plan in case it starts pouring, and you’ll be fine. :happy:


I haven’t been to Disney in the summer since 1989 so I can’t comment on the weather but I can say that the best time to be in the parks is when it is raining. Many people head back to their hotels when the rain starts and that is the best time to take advantage of the decrease in ride lines. Just pack some rain ponchos and you will find yourself dancing in the puddles. Have a great vacation!