June 2010 specials?


I am wondering if anyone knows when Disney would announce specials for June this year. We booked our trip in August and the representative we talked to said that we could call back to take advantage of any specials when they came out. Has anyone ever done this before? Do they typically offer any specials in June? I was really hoping we’d be able to shave a little off the total cost of this trip. I know the $750 gift card doesn’t apply during that time.



the official site (disney.com) had some specials on the home page. not sure if they extend until June, but you should check that out. Also go to Mousesavers.com. they list all the current discount codes.


I am going in June too and I havent seen or heard anything yet either…


Thanks for the tips! I’ll just keep checking the site and hopefully they will post some specials!


I’m still kinda on the look out too for deals. My fil booked us for June 9th-12th and we used his Disney Visa for 37% off our POFQ hotel rooms. We’re happy w/ the savings, just making sure they don’t do a last minute thing on us and give a better deal.


I have a disney visa and didn’t receive any room deal-do you know if it is still available?


mousesavers.com had some specials listed but i believe it only went up to june 6th but check them out …they usually have the latest and greatest…good luck


I’ll ask fil next time I talk to him. Dh said he got something in the mail. :huh: But fil also is one to use his Disney and GM credit cards to buy vehicles and pay them off on the next bill. Also, has done WDW every yr since 04 and 09 was the 1st time he didn’t. So they might be going HEY SPEND MONEY HERE! :laugh: He got this deal apparently back in mid Dec. Since it’s been ‘discussed’ the past few weeks and officially confirmed we were going last week.