June Crowds? and weather?


Knowledge please…What are the crowds like mid-June and how hot is it??

If you could choose, would you go during Easter week or mid-June??

And driving?? we’ve never drivin to FL, it would be our first real Road Trip with an 8 year old and a 7 year old. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


We are going to be down there the week of the 12th thru 18th. Its gonna be hot and crowded. We always drive b/c we live about 4 hrs away. In my opinion, you just have to do a little more pre-planning. I am looking forward to it.


Our kids are about the same age and we always drive from Akron, Ohio. We have a DVD player in the car and I always buy new movies that they have not seen and give them the movies on the drive. This year they have their Nintendo DS which will keep them occupied!! We were there last June 20th-July 2nd and to be honest it got very hot and humid!! We went about our days all wrong–slept in late and got to the parks around 11a-12 when the heat was setting in. Although my husband said we will never go back in the summer and stay 10 days again,we are going back in June for 2 weeks!!! This time we will get to the parks in the early a.m. and go back to the resort for a swim, nap in the afternoon, then go back out in the evenings. The crowds were bearable, but definitely bigger than when we went the end of April- May. Have a great trip!!!


Thanks for the honesty, it’s greatly appreciated. I figured it would be HOT, we were there in August of 2007 so I know it can be hot, I’m wondering if it’s less hot in June or August.


We’ve gone twice in June. The first time it was beautiful, warm but not hot and the crowds weren’t too bad at all. Last year I expected the same, however, it was HOT and crowded. We went back in July and found lower crowds and cooler weather, go figure.


Is it Hot? Yes. We went Last week of June - First week of July and yes it was hot, but we are from the deep south so we were used to it. Buy the little hand held fans with squirt bottle BEFORE you go…they are refreshing and they cost like $20 in the park. At the very least have everyone a t-shirt to change into. Putting on a clean shirt can instantly make you feel better after you have been sweating at the parks all day. Make plans to escape the heat…by hitting shows in the midday sun or inside rides…you don’t have to plan all inside stuff in the afternoon, but 30 minutes out of the sun and inside is a nice break. To me AK was the HARDEST place to escape the heat as almost EVERYTHING is outside except for “Nemo” so go see it in the afternoon…and remember a line is twice as long as it actually is when it is 100 degrees, so just be patient.

The ride - plan for the ride just like the trip. Know about where and when you are going to stop for meals. I made my kids a coloring map of the cities we would pass about every 45 minutes to an hour…I never once heard “How much farther?” They would color when I told them we passed a certain point…so they could see it for themselves. Also, I gave them a time estimate they could understand…10 movies - watch 10 movies and we will be there and you can’t ask where we are until you have watched them (btw, we NEVER make it to 10). A DVD player helps ALOT as well as the Nintendo DS. I always plan to do the bulk of my driving while the kids are traditionally getting ready to go to sleep or are asleep. I like to pull into DW at about 6am-8am so that the kids wake up and are not waiting. Of course that means ALOT of sacrifice on my end…Driving through the night and getting maybe 1-3 hrs of sit down time BEFORE hitting the parks for a few hours.

DW Resorts do not check in until 3pm but will give you your park passes early that day. If you get there early, ask the front desk clerk where their restrooms are and ask for a hand-towel…let them know that you realize that you can’t check in but would like to freshen up and they just might go ahead and get you in a room if available. They did for us. Personally, I love the drive - but I am wierd like that.


My in laws went this past August and said the heat and humidity were unbearable and they would never go again in August!! I would think that June would be better than August. For some reason my husband did not want the H2O park option this time because he does not think that it will be warm enough to swim—silly man, we are going June 7-20th. I think the H2o option will be added upon arrival to WDW!!!:laugh:


I will be there in June also. I am nervous, we usually avoid WDW like the plaque during summer months but being a teacher I don’t have many options. :laugh:

Will it be hot? YES! Most likely in the mid-80’s to low 90’s. Be prepared for possible late afternoon quick-passing thunderstorms. The crowds? I’ve heard mixed things, I guess it really just depends. For both of our sake let’s hope they are relatively lower than the normal June.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I’m still trying to decide whether a trip can be worked into the budget this year; if not there’s always next year.


Mommyof2 brought up some good points. We always do the early mornings and by lunch time we are usually heading out. Midday is always good for a swim and nap. Then we head back into the parks around 5 or 6 and do the emh. We find that is the best way. My kids will be 12 and 8 when we travel.


[QUOTE=MickeyEars;925847]Knowledge please…What are the crowds like mid-June and how hot is it??

If you could choose, would you go during Easter week or mid-June??

And driving?? we’ve never drivin to FL, it would be our first real Road Trip with an 8 year old and a 7 year old. Any advice is greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

there are a lot of people there mid-June. I would choose Easter Week because it won’t be as hot, and for the driving make sure the kids are entertained(portable DVD player, hand held game, etc.)


Thanks for all the advice, I’ll keep it in mind for next year. A trip to WDW this year just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.