June Deals


We are planning our June trip for when the kids get out of school…not til the 18th…Has there EVER been any kind of hotel or meal plan offered at this time…I’m holding off booking anything in case something should pop up! Any one have any thoughts?..Thanks.


I was hoping they would extend the current offer that goes through June 3rd for the entire month! That would be awesome!


That’s what I’m hoping too!!


I think you are looking at a peak time. I wouldn’t expect too many perks to be offered. I WOULD expect it to be hot - Africa hot.


Tarzan couldn’t handle that kind of hot…


I am taking some of my students for a conference the third week of June. The conference is at Cornado Springs or I would not be going in the summer. But hey, it was in Dallas 2 years ago. That’s heat and no Mickey Mouse, so we are excited for this trip!


Me too =)! We are going the 17th-24th.