June Discounts Yet?


Hey guys, has anyone seen any June discounts yet? We are planning May 29-June 7 and the last few days will be full price with the current discount unless we find a code. Anyone seen anything yet?

Thanks guys!


I received 2 different emails/pins for 11 April through 12 June. The first arrived in October 2009, the latest arrived on 26 January 2010.

30% off Value
35% off Moderate
40% off Deluxe

Tell them you want the rate. If not tell them their loss. Then ask to talk to their manager.


Okay, I will check that out. The current offer only goes through June 3. If we could extend that through June 12, that would save us a ton of money. Thanks Rich! I am hoping they extend that for everyone.

For some reason, we have still never gotten a pin, despite the ton of money we have spent there.


We are signed up on every Disney site possible.

Put this site in your mail server approved/allowed sites. It is where the 2 pins in January 2010 came from. One for rooms, one for a cruise.

Disney Destinations [vacation@registration.disneyworld.com]


My fil got these pins also. Only I believe in the snail mail…We booked POFQ for 6/9-6/12.

Now just we’re waiting to see if they make a new deal w/ more off. if not no biggie, we saved a ton already.


Rich, you are the man! I called and the pin that wasn’t attached to my account a week ago was there today. 45% off until June 15th. Fit perfectly and we made our reservations. May 29-June 7, Polynesian, HERE WE COME!!! That was a nice 700 savings over what we had priced out last night. Yay.


Glad it worked out for you. Anything saved in this economy is a good thing. Have a blast.

BTW- where is Villa Rica in GA?


30 miles west of Atlanta. Thanks again!


Can anyone tell me what these pin codes look like? I get a newsletter from them, but I don’t see a pin code. Are they separate emails?


I didn’t get it in an email. On Rich’s suggestion I called into the Disney reservations line and inquired. They told me within a few minutes I had a pin code attached to my name. Worked out great for me! I would suggest just calling and asking.


IF you have the Disney Chase card you’ll get an e-mail for certain specials-not sure if it’s exactly a pin code. By the way, IMO very worth it to get the card, we love it!
I’ve also got a large postcard in the mail with an actual pin code on it.


There is NO rhyme or reason as to who does or does not get a pin code. They are sent out randomly to people who have signed on different Disney sites. We get regular emails from so many Disney sites it gets overwhelming at times. AP, DVC, WDW Cruise, Disney movie, Disney DVD, Disney shopping, Disney Family, Disney kids, Disney Vacation, etc, etc, etc…

In the past we always asked if there were any discounts after being given the first price. Then we asked for any manager specials. And if we knew a certain mail discount was out there we would even offer to book if they could meet that discount.

Just ask. The worse they can say is no. But in these economic times they WANT to fill rooms.


We are new to this. We lived in FL, so we always got different discounts. When we moved here to GA we just booked when we were able to go due to work and school. We are going in June for our 25th Anniversary, as we have every year since our honeymoon. We thank you all for this info about receiving possible discounts.