June Foray (cartoon legend) interview -- streaming on the Net today, Friday, April 28


Hello! I co-host a monthly radio show. Think of it as a monthly special, if you will. We focus in on cartoons, comic books, and other areas of nostalgia and pop culture.

Today, we are so pleased to be interviewing Ms. June Foray – often called the First Lady of Cartoon Voices (or the First Lady of Animation). As you fellers and ladies know, she voiced Lucifer the Cat in CINDERELLA, Witch Hazel/Hazel the Witch in “Trick or Treat,” and Magica De Spell & Ma Beagle on DUCKTALES, for Disney. For Warner Brothers, she worked with the great Mel Blanc! She took over the roles of Warners’ own Witch Hazel and Granny (from TWEETY & SYLVESTER) from Bea Benaderet, and June continues to voice both characters to this day.

You will also remember her as the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel on THE BULLWINKLE SHOW. And this all is only a sample of all the work she has done!

If you get a chance to join us, the WRNJ phone interview can be heard online today, Friday, April 28, 2006, absolutely free, at

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The show is called TIME TRAVEL, and it goes on right after the “top of the hour” news. If you are free, we thank you so much for joining us!



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