June Park Hours


When will they post them???:mellow:


OooO, I hope SOON!!! 'Cause I wanna start planning meals.


I’m waiting PATIENTLY(hehe)-I can make my ADR’s on 3/8!!!:laugh:


I just checked the WDW website and the JUne hours are up!!! Yah- now I’ve got some planning to do!!!:laugh:


Thought I would start a new thread so that it would catch the attention of all of MBer’s who are waiting for the hours to be posted!!! YIPPEE!!!:mickey::mickey: They were posted on the WDW webite when I checked 10 minutes ago!!:mickey::mickey:


If I wasn’t sick, I would totally be doing a dance right now… Thank you


I merged these two threads.


Ugh… this so doesn’t help me LOL. We are going for a short weekend and hoped to fit 3 parks into 2 days… I wish MGM had late night Friday :P.

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