June trip


I have been to WDW lots times but never in the summer months. How bad is June?


June can be really hot. When the kids were in school our trips were in the summer due to breaks. But we learned quickly to hit the parks early, head back to the resort for pool time and/or naps, and hit the parks again around 6pm. Everyone was rested.

I will say that I was the ultimate park commando our first 2 trips. Kept the family in the parks all day long. BIG MISTAKE! We actually saw and did more with a break in the action mid day. While everyone was leaving after the fireworks we hit the rides with minimal wait times as compared to the mid day hours. And you would be amazed how many rides you can hit with morning EMH if you do it right.

Remember to stay hydrated. We got the kids to drink water from the fountains by grabbing a cup or two of ice from one of the food service counters, splitting it between 2 water bottles, and adding one of the single serve 16 oz drink mixes. Much better than drinking soda all day. And don’t forget to drink lots of water or juice back at the room. What you drink the day before determines how the next day goes.


Hi We have been in July several times, and then last August but never June. I am sure it will be crowded but I prefer it to the colder winter months.

We used lots and lots of sunscreen—a must—and a hat helps. We take water bottles and refill them as needed. AND, we always take a washcloth from home (we actually have them designated for this) in a baggy with us to the park. Each person has their own washcloth. When we go by a fountain, we re-wet the washcloth to drench our faces and cool the backs of our neck if needed. Then we wash it out and hang it when we get back to the room at night–ready to go again the next day.

We are tough I guess…never go back to the room even though it’s hot. We find places to go into to cool off before heading out into the parks again. Even when my daughter was young when we were there, the cool washcloth helped to keep going.

You just have to know what your family members are capable of handling. Everyone is different. But if June is the only time you can go, definitely go!


I’ve been the 1st week of June, the middle around Father’s Day and middle of July. June is definitely better than July on heat and crowds, and the 1st of the month is better than than the middle. Actually we didn’t find it hot at all that week, but I’m from La so I’m used to it, and the crowds were very manageable since not all schools are out yet.
Take a mid-day break from the park your resort is close to. We found the parks far away or those that close early will use a lot of extra time commuting to the resort instead of finding a nice quiet place in the park to relax. Use EMH to knock out all those must do’s and break inside somewhere in the middle of the day while all those late risers/early to bed are fighting the heat.


We’ve been twice in the summer (August) and it was hotter than hot, can’t say what June will be like but I’m sure its HOT. Our days of summering in FL are over, you can have a fun trip, but plan to sweat like CRAZY!! Take lots of sunblock and make sure to have an afternoon pool break.


Depends on what part of June. Beginning of June not so bad - it gets progressively more hot and crowded and you get into the month. Still manageable with an effective touring plan.


I have been a bunch in June. First week usually. I was worried about it the first year, until I saw that they were very manageable-very… Don’t worry!


O.K. We are off June 13-18. June 13-16 Cruise on the Dream then the 16-18 at Disney. I always said I would never go in the summer months but with two boys starting middle school in the fall I don’t have a choice! They are so excited!


You should be fine… It will be crowded, but lines should not be too bad!!! have a good time!


Welcome to the next stage of life! Don’t worry, it goes by fast, and then they will be in college, and you get to go during less hot/crowded times again.

The one time we went in June, the weather was perfect, and a good group of people at that time. Have fun!


Yep—you get to a point where you are limited to when the kids can go…

When we got to the college stage, that gave us a few more options…but then now…I have a teacher in the family, so we are right back to the “school holiday” time periods…:laugh::laugh:

What goes around comes around I guess…


I have been 2 times in June. Once in early June and once in late June. By far early June was better. Late June was begining to get brutal hot. The crowds were very manageable in early June also. Surprisingly, I liked early June. I am hoping to go early June next year too.


We went every year in June til 2 years ago. That was the trip our daughter passed the heck out from the heat. We saw several heat victims while we were there. Just make sure a couple of things: 1, drink A LOT of water. 2, if you feel tired or queasy, hit the air conditioning.

Disney is the best with taking care of heat victims, but make sure you take care of yourself.


Depends in where you are coming from. We were just talking about this tonight. Some people criticize us for going to FL in the summer months. But our experience has been that NJ is just as hot as FL, so it makes no diff to us. Unless you are looking for a break from the heat, FL may not be the place to go.


i go the first couple of weeks of june to beat the northerners down there. so far june has been really nice. last year we got flooded on, but it wasn’t hot and the parks were empty:)


…that’s sort of the way we feel…last August, we left DC in 95degree heat and 90% humidity and went to WDW…where even though it was hot—there was a breeze. We didn’t mind it…

I think you just have to go when you can—when it’s best for you and your family …can’t change the weather…


Our wedding anniversary is June 19 so for years we went every year and ate at California Grill for our special meal. It is HOT, but it is manageable. You are never more than a short walk from COLD A/C at Disney. I would never say to not go in June. However, our daughter did massively faint a couple years ago which stopped our June trips. We saw several people faint that trip. So, just watch the heat. Drink water. Disney has the nicest EMT’s on earth, but you don’t want to use them.


Hmm, I am also contemplating a June trip so I appreciate everyone’s input on this thread. We are trying to do another big family trip and with 3 school aged kids plus 2 teachers in the family, we are limited to February vacation, April vacation (which is sometimes around Easter, ugh) or the summer. I thought June might be a better option than August but we wouldn’t be able to go until late June.


Dh and I dont do summers anymore when the kids were liittle we alwys went in summer it is hot.I agree with the early mornings breaks in the afternoons back at night. Drink a lot and take ur time


Have fun. I cant take the June heat…but I am probably just a whimp. :confused: Let us know how it went and what you thought of the weather and heat. :cool: