June/July AP Rates?


Does WDW offer AP rates for June/July? When me and my friends go, I wanted to stay in a Deluxe resort so we can get one of the Queen+Bunk rooms to make our stay more comfortable; however, we can’t afford it unless WDW offers an AP rate. The reason why I’m wondering is because the AP Monitor said it doesn’t come out again until August, so how would I be informed of a June/July AP rate if they come out?


Sorry, but I don’t think there are any discounts for that time of year.

Hopefully, for you, someone will say that I’m wrong about that.


I was hoping something might show up for the first full week of June, but I think because it’s summer and regular season, they might not have any.


I got an AP rate last summer for the last week of July. I don’t remember when the discount was released but I think it came out before now.


Looks like some are out for July and early August, but only at select deluxe resorts. Check mousesavers.com for more info (or PM Mickey!)