Jungle Book DVD release at WDW


We are heading down to WDW in three days (yes, I can’t WAIT!) I was going to go out tonight and buy Jungle Book DVD, but then I got to thinking. Should I wait and buy it down there? It is on sale this week at most stores (1st week). But I thought perhaps there was a benefit of buying it at WDW?

Anyone know if WDW does anything special for the release of a classic to DVD?



We are going this Saturday. I went today to get mine, so the kids could watch it a few times before we go! Not sure if they do anything special for it in WDW, however, I wanted them to see it before we left. Have a GREAT trip!!


There probably is no benefit to buying at WDW. The odds are greater that you’ll get a better price at Best Buy. I think I did buy the second Pirates movie up there, but through a quirk, it was $5 less than Best Buy, which almost always isn’t the case, plus if you have a reward zone card at Best Buy, your adding points towards your next $20 discount coupon.


The odds of anything being a better price in WDW is very slim. THE ONLY perk I have had in the past from buying DVD’s through Disney is the lithographs. Do they even still do that?


We are leaving Saturday too! I’m beyond excited. Time is moving so slowly, so I think I’ll go buy Jungle Book and watch it to calm my nerves


While talking bout the release of Jungle Book, the promotion of the DVD has been phenomenal! Baloo, Louie, and even Mowgli and Colonel Haiti (The Elephant leader for those not in the loop) have all been doing meet and greets EVERYWHERE to promote this DVD. It’s been SO great!!!


AWESOME! That will be cool to see next week. Are these meet/greets at any one park in particular.

Rowdy, hope to “see” you next week!


Have a great trip! We are on the fourth viewing of Jungle Book - hey at least they now know the songs and characters!


For the DVD release of Cinderella and The Little Mermaid you could get a free pin with the purchase of the DVD at WDW. I’ve wondered if they had a pin for The Jungle Book.


That’s what I’m looking for! I love FREE anything, and a pin would be awesome. THANKS for the info.


I ordered my Jungle Book DVD at BestBuy. I got 100 point bonus for ordering on-line. I picked it up in my local store. It was $16 with tax. Plus I got a free stuffled animal. Not too bad. I have it hidden until we leave for DL Sunday Morning. The kids will enjoy it in the car on the 6 hour drive.


I just happened to see the videos at Kmart the other day and on top of the display they had a big, stuffed, talking Baloo. :slight_smile:


I just picked up a copy at Costco the other day, and it came with 3 pins! Baloo, King Louie and Mowgli! :slight_smile: