Jungle Cruise... "E.L.O'Fevre"?


I am reading the “Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom” book and I LOVE it, I cann’t believe how much great stuff I’ve learned already. ALTHOUGH, one of the the tidbits in there I CANNOT figure out and it’s driving me crazy. (It’s on page 41)… It says…

“There’s a great bit of wordplay in the name of the Jungle Navigation Co., LTD. Employee of the Month, seen overheaed just before you board. Try saying E.L.O’Fevre fast. And then try not to catch it.”

OK, I CANNOT figure that out for the LIFE of me!! :wacko: What is it suppose to sound like? Am I just slow? (ok, please don’t answer that) hehe. Somebody help me figure that one out!!! :huh: :huh: :huh:


say what? I am TOTALLY stumped…

BALOO!!! help us!!! ballooooooooooo


It’s supposed to sound like…

Yellow Fever!!


Sorry Baloo, didn’t mean to beat you to it, but I saw it and I just had to answer to alleviate Wish’s angst :laugh: :laugh:

By the way, Wish, that is a great book, and I’ve learned a lot from it too!


Darn! Ingamba beat me!


I must buy this book!!!


oooooohhhhhhhh Yellow Fever… that’s clever. Wish, where did you get that book?


Phhhheeewwwww, THANK YOU! I was saying it like “EEE” “L” “Fev.ray” I was so confused, hehe.

Yes, I am DEFINATELY NOT an avid reader and this book has me hooked. SO many cool facts, secrets, and detailed explainations of EVERY aspect of the MK. AWESOME BOOK!

I got mine from Amazon.com, here is a link… AND, it’s only $10!!!


ooooooo… now you did it… Baloo’s gonna kick your bum…


I hope not! Not after I was nice to you about your upcoming studies in Italy!



how dare you!!!..hehe…jk

no worries…papa bear knew that one…but it is ok that you got it before me…see how great the jungle cruise is though…there are a lot of great jokes while you wait in line…like the torn up shirt that is advertising kittens for adoption…hehe…I love that one the most! Great job in figuring it out ingamba! woo hoo from baloo!


Well, it isn’t like I figured it out on the spot. I have that book too, and I read that months ago. It didn’t take me as long as Wish to figure it out :wink:

Seriously though, and correct me if I’m wrong Baloo, but I think the whole queueing area went under a refurbishment not too long ago in which a lot of artifacts like that were added. I think the standby and FP lines were rerouted to where they are now, too.


They did add some new things…including a tarantula in a cage right at the loading area that is animatronically controlled to spook or make people laugh…


LISTEN, you should know better my friend!!! :angry: :excl: :angry: You want the backing of a “skipping Pinnochio” pin in your eye??? :pinch: :ninja: :pirate:

hehe, DIDN’T THINK SO!!! :tongue: :cool: :tongue:


You were!!! :happy:
I certainly wouldn’t do anything to you. But Baloo… he gets crazy sometimes.


Did it really take 2 to 3 weeks to get to you?? I might have to actually go to a bookstore to get it if it takes that long!


I see that EPCOT’s is coming out soon too!


ooooh!!! Thanks for the link…hellooooo birthday wish list :mickey:


We gotta go on this ride!!! Sounds liek we have misssed so much!!!


No way, I got it within 4 days!! That was just “standard shipping” too, notr expediated.