Jungle Cruise Miracle/DTD DISNEY SKETCH


hey gang…sorry for not being around much…but this holiday season has been very busy. I recently went to disney with my family before xmas and just wanted to tell you all two awesome aspects of it…

First off, we grabbed fast passes for the jc and had it be our last ride in mk before we left for mgm to go see the Osborne Light Show. It turned out to be a very special trip for various reasons…
1)We had a guy skipper (sorry ladies, but every girl skipper I have had has been horible)
2)The skippers name was Brian…like me! :happy:
3)I got to sit right in the front, that’s right, right next to the skipper on his left side…I was soooo tempted to just take the wheel from him.
4)The biggest thing about that trip on my favorite ride had to be that “Brian” was a good skipper…he did not screw up the inspiration falls joke…woo hoo!

Second off, we went to dtd to do some xmas shopping. My oldest brother Marty wanted to have us basically tell him what to get us…so I did. For years I have wanted one of those hand drawn sketches from the ART OF DISNEY store…and of course the character I picked had to be Baloo! So that is exactly what my brother got me for xmas…a very nice sketch of papa bear…with a very nice cherry wood frame…signed and personalized with…TO BALOO85…how cool is that!!! :happy:

Has anyone else bought a sketch there??


Very cool Baloo! What a great gift and a great treat to have your JC experience go so well:)


Wow, very spiffy. You going to post a pic of it to share with us.


Baloo!!! I have been wondering where our JC fan had gotten to :smile:
Thats great you had an awesome trip!
I got an Ariel sketch in DCA last may, and they wrote “Princess Tessa - It’s like looking in a mirror”
I LOVE those personalized drawings! You should take a pic of yours so we can see it!


I can’t help thinking this is a sexist attitude… but I have a prejudice against women skippers, too! I’m not going to say they’ve ALL been horrible, but I never seem to enjoy them as much. They’ve mostly fallen into the category of “okay, but trying too hard” and “just bad”.

Ah, well. :ninja:


at DLR I once had an AMAZING woman JC Skipper…she hit so many jokes and was really great…of course I’ve also had tons of bad ones. One girl talked so loudly into the mic we couldn’t understand a word she was saying the whole time. errg