Jungle Cruise MOVIE!


from Reuters…LINK

It is developing “Jungle Cruise,” inspired by the ride in which parkgoers travel the jungle river guided by a riverboat skipper, encountering such wild creatures as piranhas and gorillas during their tour. The ride was one of the 22 original attractions when the park opened in 1955.

OMG! :happy: :eek:


Let’s hope for more “Pirates of the Caribbean” and less “The Haunted Mansion”. :laugh:


Oh My I Am So Going To See This Movie !


:angry: Hey! Haunted Mansion was cute!

… minus the actors and acting…:laugh:

I’m not a POtC fan, but I hope they go more towards that style of movie. The big, action packed kinda deal.


way cool i really liked the haunted mansion movie. i cant wait to see this one.


I thought they did one already:

“Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death” :mickey:

It starred BILL MAHER. :ninja:

Who actuall quoted the “Trader Sam has a special today: Two heads for your one” line! :laugh:


Oooh! Oooh! Have you heard the Christine Lavin song about that movie? Except she used the original title, “Piranha Women of the Avocado Jungle of Death”.

I :heart: that song! Of course, I just kind of love Christine Lavin.


I’d see the Jungle Cruise movie. Yay!


Oooooh! I so want to see this movie! I can’t wait until the trailer comes out… :mickey:




Any idea when it will be out? Have they started filming yet? I hope it is a good one.


Amen, sister!

I’ll just pretend you did. :flowers:


That sounds so cool! I’m excited for anything disney!


Holy cow, Goofy Dad’s poll idea sort of…predicted the future!

…well I know I voted for the Jungle Cruise movie! :tongue:

“Thats So Screever” ?

And I’m wary, but not opposed to it without giving it a fair trial.


:angry: :sad: :dry:

Noahsark - As far as I’ve read, they’re still working on ideas, and the script hasn’t even been written yet. I’d give it maybe around 1 1/2-2 years? They still have to do script, set designs, casting, filming, editing, etc.


Jungle cruise seems to be getting some new hype lately. With the big Timon and Pumbaa outside it now, and didn’t I hear it was getting a new pre show movie for the que?


Whaa?? Did this happen in the last year or so? I went in 2004 and nver saw that…

Timon and Pumbaa aren’t bad characters, but I don’t want the que to change. If it does, it better not be as silly as the environmental film they were in. :dry:


I think that what has helped Jungle Cruise get a push, especially at MK, is the increase of attendance in Adventureland thanks to Capt. Jack’s new show and the recent changes to PotC. That draws people to ALL of Adventureland, including Jungle Cruise.


Hey, did anyone take the $300 Disney Survey on the Reuters “Link” that Kippage posted?

Jungle Cruise sounds like an adventurous movie that we’d definitely go see if and when it comes out.


well, i wish disney the best of luck of putting this movie together and making it a success. good luck disney!!