Just a friendly reminder


Please PLEASE remember to drink (and make your kids drink) LOTS and LOTS of water if you are at the parks this summer, its HOT out there! We were at MK today, in line at Splash Mountain, and a young girl with the family right in front of us passed out for about 10 - 15 mins. That seems like an awful long time. We are hoping she ended up being OK, the CMs seemed very rattled, but the paramedics were able to get her out and help her. It was so very scary and sad :frowning: Not the way any one wants to spend their day .


Lil’s father was hospitalized for dehydration/heat exhaustion just yesterday.


Oh my! Im so sorry :frowning: I hope he is ok.


Yes, he’s fine and home now. But he wasn’t even doing anything stressful. It is just a good example that the heat is more dangerous than people think.

I tell my counselors every year: “Kids can dehydrate while swimming. Get 'em out of the pond and get water into them periodically.”


Bumble - how sad - I hope the little girl is okay tonight.

Cavey - I hope Lil’s dad is feeling better soon.

My son and his cousins spend all day outside and even though they are in the pool most if the time we make sure to keep giving them water, popsicles and Gatorade to keep them hydrated. Whatever it takes.


Ya know, I’ve been close to being dehydrated a few times this summer. Once your thirsty you’re already dehydrated.


I just got done volunteering at cub scout day camp, where our mantra was “Water! Water! Water!..Sun Block! Sun Block! Sun Block!” :laugh:


I passed out @ MGM when I was 17. It was August and it was hot. I agree drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes and clothes and try to be in a/c as much as you can. Don’t forget to eat either, I think that added to my situation.


I came VERY close to going down at MGM once. I got very confused and lightheaded. I went into the A/C’d gift shops and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t make me feel better. Decided I would go get some cold water to put on that gel neckerchief thing and all of a sudden it dawned on me: WATER! That’s what I need!

As soon as I got some in and cooled down I was much better.

The point is, I got disoriented enough to forget that I needed to drink water.

Good reminder Bumble. We don’t one of our loved ones to be the topic of a “those thrill rides are too dangerous” thread here!


That’s very scary, Ddoll!!

Thanks for the reminder!! Hydration is definitely key!


go to the first Aid centers if you feel over come by the heat …they are ready and prepared to deal with these problems been there done that they will let you lay down a bit …give you drinks …and make sure you are ok !!!


I’m feeling very apprehensive about being at WDW next week. I know we will have to drink like crazy!


To be honest, even driving you should still have something to drink.
Especially if you are like me and have an almost 2 hour drive home…
Keep in mind my 98 Neon doesn’t have AIR


You will be fine, I’m sure:flowers: Just remember to hydrate and give yourself time out of the heat.


My son felt sick last year when we were at Sea World, we made him keep drinking water he wanted to drink soda but I did not feel that would help him Sea World does not have much in Air Conditioning we were eating outside in a covered area but I think it was 102 that day. My son finally said can we go I think I’m melting.