Just a guess but I am assuming


That there is no way DVC members can take advantage of the “free dining” promo if traveling during those times?


Like I mentioned to you yesterday Wish, I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet you’re not eligible. I think in order to take advantage of it, you need to buy a package (resort stay and Magic Your Way). Since you are using points, I don’t think this type of package applies to you.

But it wouldn’t hurt to call your DVC rep and butter him up. Maybe he’ll pull a string or two for you!


I was about to the say the same thing. We tried, unsucessfully, prior to the dining plan being made available to DVC members. The worst thing they will do is say “no” and you will be no worse off. Good Luck!


WIsh!? Are you gonna try! Let us know what happens! I hope you score it :c)


My guess would be that the meal plan is to encourage people to stay at the resorts and book packages (new $ coming in). Because you have already committed to your payments, you’d be out of luck. But, it never hurts to ask. Keep us posted.


I believe that I read somewhere that if you were using DVC points, you had to buy a single day ticket and then you could get the offer.


Wish - did you figure this out?


No, I didn’t!!! But if someone has any scoop for me please share! :biggrin: CGDad hit on it when he said something about buying tickets and being eligible b/c I thought I saw someone say this awhile back but I can’t remember who or where :huh: Either way, I guess it really doesn’t matter but it would sure be nice!!!

Thanks for bumpin’ E&B b/c I honestly forgot about it.


You should look into it. I’m pretty sure you can apply the cost of the tix to renewal of your AP.


Sometimes I get the feeling that DVC members are treated like second-cousin Cletus. (oh no, he’s back again :dry: ) I’m just thrilled we got the Dining Plan.

Hmmm - we just bought more points and they’re giving us two MagicYourWay one day tickets. I wonder if we could use one of those…


I am getting the dining plan in October and am staying as a DVC member on rented points. mickey told me that anyone staying at DVC was eligible for the dining plan. I think you should call the DVC number and find out for sure, but I do know that I have it for October. I have to pay at check in for the plan . I am not on a package.


Dana, DVC members ARE eligible for the dining plan. We have it booked for our August and November trips. We were just speculating on the possibility of getting the “FREE dining” incentive if you were traveling on DVC points during that promotional time.


Does that mean you would get the dining plan FREE only for that single day?

We are DVC members and have AP’s. Our trip in Spetember is for us and my DMIL & DFIL, since they don’t have AP’s we need to get them their own Hoppers. Does that mean that we can get them on the free dining plan, even if they are staying in our villa?


I see. I knew exactly what you meant wish. I just didn’t get my point across right. . Instead of speculating, call. My point was if you are normally eligible for the dining without a package, why wouldn’t you be eligible for the same dining during a promotion without a package? The only way you are going to find out is by picking up the phone.