Just a "Head's Up"


If you are planning at trip to WDW soon - bring the hand sanitizer and use it often! My dd got home from the World on Monday night and Tuesday was hit by the worst flu bug I’ve ever seen. (Thank goodness it didn’t hit her the day before - how she would have gotten home I don’t know). She was violently ill and now four days later, still slow recovering. At this time of year - with so many lethal viruses flying around, be extra vigilant with cleanliness.


where did you stay?


I worry about that every time we go… Its the handrails in the lines, rides themselves, etc… I would not worry too much about the hotel itself, except the remote…

Yep- I’m a germ freak…

Hope she feels better soon…


I stayed home.:happy: She was staying at Pop Century, but as Hanwill said - WDW is a hotbed of germs, no matter where you are. Best advice is to wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer and try not to touch your face!


Wow I’m sorry to hear this Janice, and I hope she recovers fully real soon.


Its not just the handrails alone. While waiting in line to meet Wreck-it Ralph this past November, it seemed that all the sick people were in that line. We couldnt turn to face a different direction , every side of us had people coughing and sneezing. The parents behind us actually made the remark about one of their children" I’m so glad her fever finally broke this morning." Ahhhhhhhh, yep break out the masks lol.


…so sorry to hear she came home so sick llama…

We use hand sanitizer constantly whenever we are there, but sometimes, you just can’t do anything about it…


She’s feeling better this morning. Actually thinks she can eat something. Of course, on the upside, she’s pretty sure she lost 5 pounds.:laugh: I’m always amazed at how people can drag sick kids around the parks - of course I know that it’s their vacation and they probably spent a ton of money, but still, if your child is sick - don’t bring them out in crowds. Not only do others get sick - they can get sicker!


We learned this the hard way: one DD contracted pink eye; one DS a nasty head cold on the same trip. We pack sanitizer and disifectant wipes every trip.


DH and I both brought the flu home from WDW in JUNE! The docs here said the South Americans bring it with them and their strains are usually different from ours. Of course this time of year the flu is everywhere.


Wow, just reading this thread is making me feel queasy and congested at the same time.

Good news: Bath & Body Works has the little individual hand sanitizers on sale for $5 for Five!!! I always go and get a huge bag of the little bottles and then I force everyone to take one with them at all times on vacation.
Oh, sure, it makes the kids nuts.
But really, who cares? It’s not like I don’t already have a jar on the counter, filled with change as we save for psychotherapy for them to undo all the damage we did when we were raising them wrong!


Yuck - Poor Emily! Glad she made it home before it hit.


So scarey seeing what kind of flu bugs are going around now. Oh my word, thank goodness she didn’t have it while she was there or in transit home. Glad to hear she is feeling better. Probably will take her a while to gain her strength back though, especially when you lose weight that fast.


Even in planes there are so many germs. I am a germ phobe and always use sanitizer.
It would be really hard to have a sick kid at Disney. You pay so much. That is why I buy insurance for big trips now.


I use the Bath and Body works hand sanitizer too… its awesome… I buy a bunch and we never use it all (cause I buy enough for everyone to use it for at least two weeks or more…) they smell good too- we pick scents, lol


Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope she is feeling better soon.