Just a question?


I do not know anything about DVC or renting points or cost. Here is my question…We want to make a trip in October four adults and one 3yr old. We have looked at two rooms at a value resort. Would it be any cheaper to rent DVC points? We are looking at the middle of October 2006. Thanks for any information you can offer! :mickey:


When we were planning our January trip, we were going to rent DVC points. When it came down to it, it was a little more expensive to rent DC points than to get 1 room at a value resort.

Since you need two rooms, then I would look into renting points and getting a 2 bedroom from DVC. The days you are going as well as the number of weekend nights that you will be there will determine how many points you will need.

I know there are a lot of DVC members on the board, and they can give you more information than I can, but SKWAK is a wealth of information. If you do not hear what you need send him a PM.


One of the big advantages of the Vacation club is the kitchen and the room(s) size.


I thought of another question. For example - If you go to OKW and rent a stuido can you have 4 adults and a 3 year old in one room? Can you get a trundle bed? And if any of this is possible, does anyone have points available that can be used in the middle of October?

Thanks Cincy and Boss Mouse for your quick replys and the information! :mickey:


With 4 adults and and 3-year old you may be able to get away with renting a one-bedroom villa from a DVC member, if they’ll spare an extra small bed or cot for the little one.
Good luck with your planning!


I was able to get a studio at OKW for $80 a night…that’s seriously a grewat price. You should try to rent points for a one bedroom…that would be ideal for your party size.


You cannot get a trundle bed at the value resorts. The only resort besides deluxes and home-away-from-homes that sleeps five is Port Orleans Riverside. Renting points is a great way to stay at some great resorts very inexpensively. There is a points calculator at www.wdwinfo.com that will tell you how many points you need per night depending on your resort and the season. Points usually rent for around $11 per point, so you just need to multiply the amount of points you need by $11 and you should have a good idea of the price you’ll be paying.

Good luck and feel free to PM me with questions. I’ve rented points twice now and will do so again in October.


Thanks Bali, do you rent your points from someone here or is there somewhere else I should be looking? I will want them for the middle of october. :mickey:


I rent points from someone I met on the DVC rent/trade board at wdwinfo.com. I’m not a big fan of the boards over there, but they do have the most extensive network of DVC renters available on the web, I believe, so you’re bound to find a match.

There are a couple of folks here who rent points, so it’s worth putting an ask out there. DCers are great people and I doubt you’d find any “trust issues” here.

If you want points for the middle of October, go ahead and start researching now. Those people who have your chosen resort as their “home” resort can book 11 months out, so you’re currently within that window.

Good luck, and do feel free to ask me anything.