Just a Tidbit


My husband and I are investors in an Interval property in Banff, Alberta - ski lodge - anyone what to go skiing? Anyway - last night was the annual meeting to which I didnt go (financial stuff, blah!), but the talk turned to Disney. Apparently the association with RCI is not going well and Disney is said to be unhappy with them. That’s all I know - gossip or not - just thought I’d throw it out there. If I hear anymore I’ll post it.


Oooohhhh. Exciting!


I want to go skiing!


only someone from a non snow state would voluntarily go to where it is cold & snowing:blink:…not me (or DD) bring on the beach!!:blush:


This sounds good, I hope DVC takes the steps needed to change this.




My mom has bot International Interval and RCI. I really wanted to book a Disney resort for next year on RCI,but now I guess we have to wait and see what happens. I know Disney won’t let things go to far before they do something if RCI is not doing well for them.


I think if you book RCI they’ll have to honour it no matter what happens. We had our last booked with Interval and they honoured that.