Just a train


a friend was by here yesterday with her husband …she had went to WDW as a child and wants to take her child and husband (I recommended Mouseketrips of course) …but we both stood there …our mouths open when her husband called the monorail “just a train” … she and I were talking about the monorail and I had asked had she ever rode in the front … her DH said “whats the big deal? its just a train” eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Well it is just a train…a really really cool train. :mickey:


Ohhh tigger … how can you say that !!! thats like calling SSE “that big golf ball thing” lol your almost at 1000 post!!!


Haha I am such a freak I memorized the line the woman says on it, even in Spanish! lol

I like it when, the day after Iarrive, I always go to MK, and for the first monnorail ride my fam likes to ask for the pilot seat, and I am leaning on the cushions looking out the huge window, and I see the castle in the distance under the morning sunlight… :crying: ok I am getting sappy again!:blush:

It is so fun to watch the monorail roam the whole park when you wait for it at the station. Once it was late, and I could see it passing through the whole kingdom it was SO cool!


and the Titanic was just a boat…wait a minute thight might not be a good example.


Just like this:

It’s just a train and the SSE is just a really big golf ball thing…

man stuff like that drives us nuts doesn’t it :mickey:

…on and my favorite. Disney is just a theme park.


lol! Now that one makes me cringe! If you wanted, I could repeat my memorized Walt Disney book report from the 4th grade (that report is what made me start to turn into a Disney freak- I really respected his work and determintation.), but I will save you the boredom. lol But, really, some people just don’t understand!


The way I look at it is they aren’t take up space in line :laugh:


The way I look at it is they aren’t take up space in line

Haha Lmao at that one! But, yes! THEY DON’T DESERVE IT! I must say, though, most of my friends are either going to Disney, too, or worship it anyway. Half of them count down with me just so they can get a postcard! One of my friends has a collection of them- I think I have rubbed off on her!


Wait a second…The monorail is “Disney’s highway in the sky” not just a train (but technically it is a train…a really really cool train).

1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST! 1000 POST!


congratulations on 1000.


Thanks I feel like I have done this before :laugh:


Just a train??? OMG! See that’s the difference between a disney lover and a casual disney do-er…that is not just a train. It’s transportation that takes you to the magic. Heck it’s an attraction all of it’s own. Sitting up front last trip made me giggle like a school girl…lol Just a train…sheesh.,


Haha so true! As I stated before, I am so sappy and teary-eyed when I sit in the front seat on the way to MK. Heck if I am this bad at 13, I would hate to see what I will be like when I am older!


Are you calling me casual?! :mickey:


Honey, I’m 31 and I get sappier with age…lol it’s great! I still cry when I see the castle and I still get goosbumps when I see my favorite characters. It’s why we all go back right? For the effect it has on us. I do not know of another place that turns back the clock and makes me feel like a giggly little girl like WDW…I’m so thankful for that. :flowers: :heart:


oh wow great way to look at it!!! as for Disney being “just a theme park” … I shudder … since there are none that compare!!!


Disney is more than just a theme park! It’s my REBELLION!

(bounce Tigger)



That has to be the worst bounce I’ve seen…I hope you didn’t hurt yourself.


Well, I’m not a Tigger! What do you expect? Erins don’t bounce that well…