Just an interesting link (as least I thought it was)


Now maybe everyone but me knew this, but I was looking at a few others sites and found this link Happiest Celebration On Earth - Meeting Planner

It shows how (but not cost) to have a private dinner and such at different places all over disney. I often wondered when you saw shows on tv, that showed dinner in an Epcot pavillion, how that happened.

Does anyone have any idea of costs??? I know “lots and lots of money”, that much I know…sorry cavey, beat you to it… Not that I would be planning one, but just curious.


It is a cool link. I have clue about the costs though.


Thanks for the linkage, JoSquared!


Very cool! DH and I are thinking about renewing our vows in WDW someday and those are some AWESOME ideas. Although, I think those are geared towards corporate events, not little intmate gatherings. Very cool though!