Just back from my weekend at Disney


I can’t believe how HOT it was and the party (MNSSHP) was a good time! More to come…


Welcome back!


Welcome back


errrr…is that the entire report? or is this a cliffhanger? :huh:

Glad you’re back, hope all other things were fun :smile:


How nice it must be to pick up and go to Disney for the weekend! Hope you had fun.


I wish I could pick up right now and go!!!
Hope to hear more!!!
details - details…


Welcome Back.
I was at Disney for the weekend. It happened to be by way of the Travel Channel that is :laugh:


This was my yearly weekend away trip. My DM AND myself had planned on going to Disney Sept 13 for 4 days but then when it was time to pay in full I really didn’t know if I wanted to go so far from home with the boys just starting kindergarten. So I canceled and planned to take my mom to chicago to see Wicked. But then I found a fare to Orlando that I couldn’t pass up $69.00 rt on Spirit so I told DM that we were going back to Disney! Booked a car rental and in a week we were on our way. Oh wait I didn’t booked a hotel, I asked on this site about different hotels and still didn’t booked anything, but don’t tell my DM. So we lefted on Thursday morning 9-20 at 8:50am. On time and had luggage and in rental car driving away from the airport by 12:15pm that’s when I told DM that we had no hotel. We arrived in DTD and purchased our tickets for the next night to MNSSHP and then went over to the Hilton to see if we would like to stay there!


Wow, I would be so nervous to fly to Orlando without a hotel reservation.



$80- round trip in December, it would cost more to drive!


Welcome back! Wow, going without a hotel, I don’t think I could do that. I hope you had a great time!


We also checked Disney and rooms were avaliable at POP for the same price as the Hilton. We chose the Hilton dropped our bags and headed out for lunch and some shopping at DTD and the outlets. I will say that in the past three years I really don’t pay attention to prices for food at Disney because we are on the plan, but this time it really jumped out at me. I wanted to eat at Concourse steakhouse one last time, I called over there and they said “come right over”. So we did. After one hamburger (we split) fries and onion rings and $25.00 dollars later, we went shopping. Then about 6:00 the heavens let lose and it rained and thundered almost all night. Friday morning was alittle lazy because it was party night!


I cant wait to read about the MNSSHP. Hope everything went well and no hotel?? WHAT!!


Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


Sounds like a trip my parents would go on…“we’ll find a place when we get there.” That always kinda freaked me out.

Glad you got a place to stay. Looking forward to reading about MNSSHP.


if it was last minute - and there are sooo many palces to stay - I would do it even with kids!!

Unless is was like Easter, Christmas or the 4th of July…


Friday the reason we went for the weekend MNSSHP!!! Let me just start by saying that my DM as lost 101 pounds since December 06, last september when we went she had to have EVC and has NEVER rode any rides. This year was going to be different!! We arrived at the gate at 4:00 pm and the cast members already had thier shirts on and they were letting us in!! It was HOT we headed right to HM from there we went over to FL and rode everything and seen everything! My mom was like a kid in a candy store! She twirled us around on those teacups so first I thought I was going to throw up. After that we headed back up front to purchase our pin and shirt, what a found strange is all the pins they had lefted from the first party, boxes on boxes! Then we got great seats for the headless horseman and the parade. After the parade we moved up to see the Villians on Stage then watched Hallowishes (GREAT), I love this fireworks show!!! After we went into TL and rode BL at first my DM said no she thought it was a rollarcoaster ride after much talk she agreed and LOVED IT, she was mad that I had a bigger score so we had to go again! I still won! We then we trick or treating and just walked around to take in everything. I tried talking her into BTM but she wouldn’t, I rode it twice in row . I love this ride in the dark!! It was 11:55pm were did the night go, we had so much fun. I do have to say that this year I found alot more people there. In the three years past for the party in September usually the crowd’s are light. Not so much this year.