Just back from WDW


Ok, so we just came back from a 9 day trip staying at Pop Century. We drove 1250 miles to get there so we had to make it worthwhile.

Here are some tips and observations I can think of off the top of my head.

MAKE SURE YOU BRING RAIN GEAR!! Ok. So we got a little wet the first day. I’m not too bitter about it. Anyways, even when the sun was beaming down as we left the hotel in the morning, by the PM, it was a downpour. It seemed like everytime we went to Epcot, the skies opened up and down came the rain. Pack umbrellas and ponchos. Oh, and if you have a stroller, bring a rain cover, or an extra big poncho to cover it while you wander around. Your kid will thank you.

The dining plan was wonderful. We had the 1 table 1 quick serve option. More than enough food for us. The kids however got sick of chix nuggets and small pizzas pretty quick. For some reason, Disney doesn’t have very many choices for kids on their menus.

That being said, we enjoyed every meal we had. By far the best was Ohana’s. Great, great meal there. LeCellier was alright. I had the NY Strip which was good, but it wasn’t until after the meal that I found out you can have the mushroom filet mignon, and have the entire thing de-mushroomfied. Had I known that…

2nd best meal was Mama Melrose in Holly. Studios. Loved that meal. Had a great charred steak there. Bonus: When you book the Fantasmic package, they give you each an appetizer as well with the DDP. Cool.

Disney is nice enough to calculate the suggested tip for you and put it on the receipt, so no math necessary for the math challenged like me. It was nice to just charge the tip to the room. Easy as pie.

The parks were packed! There were people everywhere. That being said, either people didn’t know about the Fastpass system, or chose not to use it. We used Fastpass everywhere and rarely had to wait in a line for a ride.

Get your Fastpass early for the popular rides. They do run out a la the Toy Story ride at Holly. Studios. The wait was really long, and the Fastpasses were all gone the second day we got there.

Bring large zip loc bags. Fill with ice in the morning. Place in insulated bag with bottles of water, and they will stay cold all day. Water is important, make the kids drink lots of it.

Our stay at Pop Century was uneventful. We stayed in the 90’s building nect to the big computer which was being refurbished at the time. 9 AM every morning on the dot to be precise.

That’s all I can think of right now. Anything else I can think of, I’ll post later…



Glad you had a good trip.

We find it amazing when you leave MK and it’s pouring, get to Epcot and the sun is shining, so you look like a idiot getting off the monorail with rain gear on while the sun is out.

Did you have any problems driving home?


Yay a TR , so looking forward to more:wub:


Looking forward to reading more about your trip.[COLOR=“Blue”]:mickey:[/COLOR]


More details & more pics pls :biggrin:

Nice to know about the M’shroom Filet. I don’t do M’shooms so i’ve always avoided it.


I LOVE TRs! Waiting impatiently!


I can’t wait to read more.


Yes it rains in Florida in the summer. Plan accordingly :biggrin: