Just back, surprise at check-in



We just got back yesterday from a week at the YC. We had a great time (but why does time move faster at DW?). Weather was very warm, luckily we could cool off each afternoon at Stormalong Bay. I thought the crowds were very manageable.

When we arrived from ME, a cast member asked if we were the “Smith family” - actually our real name. I was surprised, but said yes, and she led us to check in (I had checked in online). Someone came out with balloons, a certificate, and took our picture. We were their family of the day! I had booked a standard room, but we were given a room on the concierge level! I could not believe it. Nothing like that had ever happened to us before. Truly a wonderful start to a wonderful vacation.


Off to do more laundry


Wow! Gotta love that Disney magic!


Wow! What a start to your trip…so happy for you …hope you had a great vacation!!!


I wish I’d get a free upgrade to concierge:crying:


What a great Disney moment for you and your family. I love hearing all about the Disney Magic…good for you!


What a fun upgrade! I am still holding out for the free upgrade to the castle… but I would settle for the concierge level…

What a great surprise for the whole family!


We got a free upgrade to a Parkview room at the Poly a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Congratulations, was there any “celebration” for your family on your reservation for that week?


Well, we have gotten “upgrades” of sorts.
There have been a few times we booked the bulk of our stay as concierge and then added a day at the front or a day at the end in a standard room and we’ve been streamlined so we would have the same room all the way through and got an extra concierge day at standard room rates.
The best full stay upgrade we’ve gotten was last year during my birthday visit, we were upgraded from Contemporary wing to Contemporary tower, Bay Lake view (9th floor).
I’m happy for everyone who does get upgraded and I’m not jealous. Someday my upgrade will come (or not) and in the meantime, life goes on.


Awww congrats! That is an AMAZING way to start off a trip!


What a terrific surprise! A really special way to start your holiday!:happy:


That’s awesome! Sounds like a great start to a trip!


that is so awesome!!! disney is so great! i would love to be so lucky on our trip!


Very nice deal! It is always nice to hear of WDW doing things like that to make the guests stay even more magical


Congratulations! What a special, magical treat!!


That is so AWESOME!! I bet the trip was a blast! Are you going to do a TR? Hope to hear all about it!


Good for you!!! I wish every time we get there something like that would happen but it doesn’t.


That is so special. Cant wait to hear about the rest.


How awesome!! We need to hear more about it!!:laugh:


Congratulations on the awesome upgrade!


That’s not to shabby!