Just back


just back from a 8 day visit,had a great time,weather was very good,enjoyed the new interactive que for test track (designing your own car ),enjoyed for the first time the osbourne lights,truly spectacular,truly enjoyed the extra fireworks show at epcot,quite spectacular,did the candlelight processional a couple of times,really enjoyed that.bus transportation was very good,was underwhelmed by the new fantasyland,maybe that mine ride will give it a boost when it comes on line,but comparing that to the money spent on carsland,no comparison …restaraunts were all very good,did rainforest at animal kingdom,via Napoli(excellent)cancelled ohana because of reservation time,did whispering canyon,good as always…cape may,cafe de paris, etc…be our guest was impossible to crack,have a reservation for april trip…only negative was the check in process,despite online check in it took over an hour,they would give a room, and then say it was not available…and notification of when room was ready was late,but the worst was even though they said we would not have to come back for keys,they would work,they didn’t and they sent someone down to let us in,but no keys ,they said we would have to go back to get new ones ,we refused and finally they sent someone down with them…you know me I give the good with the bad but this time like most the good easily outweighed the bad…great trip,but please don’t ask about the flight back


welcome home!! Glad it was more good than bad!


John, where did you stay?

We feel the same way about the New Fantasyland. Beautiful but once is enough. I am also looking forward to the Mine ride.


…I’m seeing a pattern in disappointments with resort stays… :crying:


the only disappointments was the check in process…why it takes so long I don’t know…but the trip was great…we stayed at SSR


agreed with you on the new fantasyland. the best parts were the meet and greet with ariel:ariel: and the two girls had a blast with the gaston meet and greet. the guy they had doing the part was right out of the movie. we spoke with a CM about the new mine ride and he gave us an earful. it’s going to be considered and “adult” coaster with a 52 in. size restriction. each car is going to be individual of the others and the cars are supposed to spin, twist, and turn based on the weight of the people in the car. he said if there were three heavy people in the car, it is supposed to be more adventrous. sounds very interesting.


I agree with you on Fantasyland. Its nice but was expecting more excitment. Did not care for under the sea ride. The water area is nice for kids. Have not ate at any of the restaurants so I can’t comment on those. Glad you had a good stay. I LOVE SSR.


when we were there they were touting it as a family friendly coaster,so the 52 inch requirement in fantasy land seems a little tall,also when they showed artist renderings it shows a mine train with people sitting side by side and four to a car …but we shall wait and see as the opening approaches


having seen the ariel ride here in ca ,I felt the same it was throwback ride,I truly expected that even though it is for kids,I expected future ride technology and interaction,and the story in the ride is just incomplete…but it still had lines so what do I know…


We were there for part of the same time! Fantasyland was pretty, but meh. We couldn’t even get close to Be Our Guest. The new Ariel ride was cute, but once was plenty. The crowds were VERY managable. The longest we waited all week was 70 minutes for Soarin’ (only because we wanted to really focus on “the world” and didn’t want to come back to ride). Our check in at AoA could not have gone better. We were checked in and in the room with baggage within 20 minutes. AND we were right behind two airport busses. I hate that you had a hard time with check-in.


my check in would have been fine but as we accepted rooms they suddenly disappeared,but the strangest was when the manager came over to help she gave us a specific room and when they texted us an said our room was ready it was a different room number when she said that those people had checked out and the room needed to be cleaned …but several times they said would you like this room and then we said OK and they said it was no longer available,but with all that as I said it was a great trip


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