Just back..spring break warning


Hi All!

Just back from what I guess was the first big spring break week. I was hoping we’d be too early for the rush, but I was wrong. The waits on major rides were pretty crazy, so make sure you use fast pass wisely! To note, however, you must make sure you hit Toy Story Mania when it opens. If you the need to do it twice, get the FP first and then go wait 40 minutes. ;o) Because we had half the family wanting to possibly do Rockin’ Roller Coast twice instead, we sent 2 to get FPs for that at open while the other 2 waited in line at Toy Story. Needless to say, after coming out of Toy Story, by 9:40am, the FP time was already at 3:10pm! By 11:30am, they were gone for the day.

I noticed the same type of craziness for Soarin and Space Mountain. Those had wait times up to 120 minutes at times.

Anyway, I’ll answer any other questions if I can. Oh, we drove from Missouri, stayed overnight in Dalton, GA and ended up in Congress Park of Saratoga Springs (the hot tub is awesome!).

Back to being depressed…


Hi and welcome back. What were the dates of your trip? Sorry it was so busy!


Aww, the end of a WDW trip and back to reality is definitely no fun! But, it sounds like you had a great trip! Will you be posting a TR? I’d love to hear about everything! Welcome back to Missouri (I’m there too!).


March 14-21.

Wasn’t going to do a trip report since wasn’t sure of the interest, hee. I’ll put one together in the next week. ;o)


What? Buzzers not want a TR? What a thought!


Thanks for the tip! We are leaving tomorrow and have never been this early in the year and I was wondering about how busy it would be. Last week was the Canadian Spring Break as well. Do many States have Spring Breaks at the end of March or weeks that will co-incide with Easter?


To add to the crowds…this weekend Universal Studios is hosting a cheerleading competition of some sort. I am sure the hotels and parks are going to be packed with teens.


We were there last week too and I agree it was CRAZY!!! DSis & I were saying that we felt sorry for 1st timers…had it been our 1st time, we probably would never go back!!! We did alot of late nighters (which we usually do) and got alot done. We were finally able to TSM at 11:00PM and we did it twice in a row!! Our kids (who were there with a High School trip for 1/2 of our trip) didn’t get to do it at all…the lines were just too long to wait and miss seeing so much of the other things. Luckily my kids have done it in the past, so they were OK with it. DS didn’t get to do RnRC…Crazy-Crazy. Good for Disney, bad for us.


I was wondering why we saw SO many Ontario license plates on our drive to and from!

I was also hoping most spring breaks would’ve been tied to Easter as well. My mother was at the parks first week in March and had no problems at all.


We saw a lot of Ontario plates, too!

The crowds were unbelivable! Nothing like in spring breaks past.


That is amazing that the crowds are so large so early! I am glad for Disney’s bottom line since there has been so much doom and gloom lately…


When does the 4/3 offer end? They extended it to August didn’t they?

YIKES! :glare:


I just can’t see that the surge will continue into the summer…Especially if everyone is there now.


I always like to read trip reports, it would be great to read yours. Its been years since I have been to WDW and it was always at this time of year during spring break and it was always busy then too.:blink:


Well, I think it might bring more people in just from the standpoint that lots of people won’t pull their kids out of school, and they have to take vacations in the summer. The buy 4 get 3 deal is really a good offer.


We have been there during Easter time the past two years. It is packed than several CM have said that easter week is one or the worst of the weeks all year. by somewhere around Wed. or Thurs. after Easter it starts to calm down a little. Last year we where at AK and it was literally person to person not one foot of room. We said we would never go back during easter again. Well we will see we have a timeshare offsite that is every even year during the 14th week. We had several say that October was better crowds and the weather was stable and nice at that time of year. the weather is the most important thing for us since one daughter has Astima that we have to plan vacations around for her. So, that means that we are planning if nothing goes wrong at work to go the last week of Oct. when they already have two days out of school that week for teacher conf. But for now till after Easter is alway packed from what we have seen and was told by CM’s there.


Too bad Easter is falling so late this year.
DW’s birthday is actually a few days before Good Friday, so we’re braced for a bad time.


Soundgod, hopefully it is in the middle of the week that might help we where there the day before easter until the Sat. after easter last year. it was packed all the way up. There was a little dropoff starting on That Thursday. You may get a little break I HOPE.


We’ve been there at Christmas and also the week leading up to Easter and it was not as bad as this past week. Every table in the counter service area was packed and people always waiting for a table. At Yak & Yeti I waited about 20 minutes for a table, then the family got up and offered it to me and another man proceeded to yell at me for taking “his” table HE was waiting for (I never saw him until he started yelling at us and he was a pretty good sized man). The lady knew I had been patiently waiting against a wall behind their table, not rushing them, but prepared to take the table once they were finished…so that’s why she offered it to me I think. Another rude table person I encountered was at the Beach Club…I just let her take the table since another family was almost through too. Crazy!!


Last week one of the cast members at AKL told me that not only was AKL 100% but all WDW resorts were at 100% capacity. it was unbelievably busy!