Just booked another WDW trip


Just booked Sept 1-6 at Boardwalk Villas in a 1 bedroom. Finally Im going to Disney with my whole family not just Madison and I. Its going to be Ed (DH) Me, Megan (12 time of trip) and Madison (will be 9 sept 16)

We are booked on Spirit air and I got a great deal. (at least I hope) Only Paid $429 RT and that includes $39 for the $9 club for the year and $150 in taxes and the other junk they add in there.

We decided that we are not getting the DDP. Im a little upset about this. I at least wanted the counter service one. Ed said that since we are using a 1bd he said that we can cook breakfast and have snacks in there:huh: I think his head is still sun burnt from Mk Sat. Im not cooking while on vacation 1 bd or not. I dont care if we have a 3 bd grand villa~ Im still not cooking:glare:

We are going to get to WDW on a Wed. This is a relax day. I want to go to Welcome home Wednesdays. Then all 4 of us are going to Universal Studios Thurs and Friday. Sat may poss do AK or Disney Quest and then Sunday we are going to rent sea raycers half the day and DTD the other half. Madison and I will be going to parks at night as we feel like it BUT ed and megan dont want to which is fine with us.

I JUST realized that I will be mmissing MNSSHP AFTER the fact I purchased air fare soooo who knows I may have to go down for a quick weekend in Oct IF i can get a good air price.

This year I want to take Ed to see the christmas decorations so Im thinking after thanksgiving or 1st week in Dec.
Does anyone know which is better?

Well… Just wanted to share my exciting news:wub:


Awesome for you!! Congrats!! Silly question–is that $429 per person?


Heck no. I would never ever fly if that was pp. No way jose!!! I usually stick with swa but they wanted an arm,leg and my first born :laugh:


congrats on your new trip,one question though,is spirit still charging for carryons…???


Congrats on your trip.


You go girl! I told my wife that part of the fun of WDW is the food and eating anything we want anywhere we want. I can eat cold cereal any day of the week at home. She enjoys no dishes, meal planning, making beds, etc. It’s vacation time! Splurge at WDW, scrimp at home!


YAY for you!!! Yeah, we have not even gone yet on our June trip and we are planning on something for later this year. My daughter wants to go during the christmas time. She wants to see the christmas parade.