Just booked Backstage Safari Tour...any opinions?


Anyone been on this tour?


I think mickey did something like this when he had his magical gathering. Try pming him. He may be able to give you some insight.


No, I did the Safari Celebration Dinner, which is one of the Magical Gathering events. The backstage safari tour is different. From everything I heard, that is a great tour, I am sure you will love it!


This sounds so great… I never knew it existed! Many years ago, at the now-defunct Disney Institute, there were several “tours” you could sign up for. We snet our kids on the Backstage Tour, which was incredible for them. They were whisked away by CMs in golf carts and vans, and they went into the parks by the CM entrances! They went behind the scenes at many of the stage shows and got autographs and so forth… I remember the Hunchback show was one of ther faves.
Question: What is the site to see these new tours? We would love to do some mor eof these.


oh well I was close…lolol


All the tours can be found on disneyworld.com, but Deb Wills’ site has descriptions, reviews, and lots of info on them. My dad and I did the Backstage Magic Tour two years ago and were disappointed, so I’m interested to hear more about the safari tour.

Tours and Other Experiences – Descriptions


We’ll be doing the sunrise safari on Sept 24. The only difference between this and the regular one is it’s only available to AKL guests, andit’s the first one of the day, so you’re more likely to see more animals. We haven’t done the tour yet either, butI have done other AK tours so, I’m guessing this is an expanded Kilamanjaro Safari, with exclusive elements for tour guests. I’m not sure if you’re doing your tour before we do ours, but if we do, I’ll try to let you know how it was.


I have never done the tour, but my opinion is…sounds very cool and we’ll be expecting details when you get back!:laugh:


I haven’t done it eaither but I think it sounds great!

In 99’ I went on safari in South Africa and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, so that Sunrise Safari tour that you are taking Soundgod, sounds wonderful! Enjoy!


I Did It, I Did It!!! Loved It. You Go Into The Night Houses, Talk To The Vet, See The Vet Facilities, See How Close The Night Homes Are To Being On Stage. Awesome Tour.


i have heard great things about it, but have never done it. let us know how it goes.


Bali, I would really love to hear all about this tour. I am counting on you to have a very detailed report & pictures! It seems like it would be quite memorable!


I did this tour and absolutely loved it. We got to visit the Rhino house and got to actually touch a real rhino. How many people can say they got to pet a rhino. We also got to see where the giraffe’s live overnight and they had just received a very young giraffe that they had yet to introduce into the herd. We were about 10 feet away from the giraffe. It was amazing. I have a new appreciation for this magnificent creature. We also got to visit the elephant barns, the vet hospital at Rafiki’s planet watch. We got to be on the other side of the glass :smile: We also go to visit the kitchens where they prepared the food for all the animals. This tour was so good. It was worth every penny and we would definitely do it again. :mickey:


No pictures allowed on the tour as you are behind the scenes at AK! No camera’s allowed.


Wow, sounds really interesting. Maybe something we can do when DD is a little older and could appreciate it more. Have a super time Bali!


I’m mistaken. This is not the tour offered to AKL guests that we’re taking next month. This IS the tour we took last fall. It’s three hours mostly backstage at AK, and you do get closer to some of the animals in their backstage areas. You are also taken on a tour version of Kilamanjaro Safari, as well as a quick train ride. You can also consider Wild By Design.
You’ll enjoy them both, but this tour is more about the animals.


Bali, that tour sounds really neat. That might actually be one I would be interested in as well.


Oooooh!! I’m so excited!! We definitely wanted a tour that would focus on the animals and how they live in and around the park. This is going to be the greatest!!! I’ll take any pictures I can onstage, and I’ll bring back detailed notes about the backstage portions (with spoilers, of course!).