Just booked Kidani Village!


Ok Im soooo excited! DH & I have been trying to plan our upcomming trip in October with our friends for a little while now. We didnt know where to stay this time since we are going with friends & their kids. Anyway… We finally decided on Kidani Village last night in a 2 bedroom with a Savannah view as our 1st choice. We had to plan out several options of where to stay because of how many are going and with how many DVC points we had etc. Anyway! I kept my fingers crossed when I called this morning and I was SHOCKED… We got what we wanted… So we are all going Oct 3rd-8th, staying at Kidani Village in a 2 bedroom with a Savannah view.
DH & I stayed @ Kidani Village last September and LOVED :heart: it, and we are so happy that we are going back. I just told our friends, who by the way have NEVER been to Disney where we are staying and they were so happy because thats where they really wanted to stay. Well now it is time to start thinking about dining options… DH & I want to go back to Sanaa & Jinko’s on this trip, here’s hoping that we can get both places… :happy::mickey:


What an exciting trip you will have… isn’t Kidani fabulous?


Congratulations!! You’re friends are going to be blown away! What an introduction to WDW! After just staying at Kidani, I’m a huge fan of the resort too. Have a terrific time!


Wow that is sweet! A two bedroom at Kidani is awesome! Congrats.


Congrats! I :heart: Kidani!


A stay at Kidani! That is great! And WDW isn’t bad too :laugh:
I love Kidani!


My dream is to stay at AK with a Savannah View…enjoy!


Thanks everyone… Here it is 12 hours later and I still cant believe that we are going back to Kidani. We loved it soooo much back in Sept… I miss my little red river pigs… Can’t wait to see them again… I know Im weird right? LOL!


Ok I just wanted to add this little piece of info onto my orginal post… I just realized that we will be there during the Food and Wine Festival… Im even more excited now. I honestly forgot about the festival… Boy I must be getting old… LOL!


Kidani Pool Rules!!! :wacko:


Congrats! Your friends are going to love AKV. Perfect first-timer resort. Best of luck getting the meals you want. Happy planning!:heart:


We’ve got a 1 bedroom savannah view in Sept. Can’t wait!!!


Thats what we had last Sept when we were there. It is awesome! You will love it.


Kidani looks absolutely amazing. I hope you have a magical trip!