Just Booked our next trip


We are going back to WDW next October for the Food and Wine Festival. This will be the first time we have managed to get there for that event in our 30 trips there. Now all we have to do is wait. We know what ADRs we want so that no problem. We will get our plane tickets in Feb so that taken care of. That only leave the waiting.
Plus this will be the first time in 4 trips that we will be just us 2. No showing around other newbies what to see and where to go. So this will be a slow lesiure trip. I hoping to slush Epcot for 3 days to insure that I taste all the food and beer that they have on tap.
There are only 3 sit downs meals this time. Crystal Palace on the first morning after getting there. Biergarten (wife favorite) and Wilderness Lodge Whispering Cafe for a late lunch. Love their buffet. The rest of the time it will be sampling the food at Epcot.


Oh wow that sounds like a trip! So pleased for you, but you’ll owe us an in depth trip report with pictures please!


congratulations enjoy the wine :rolleyes:


Will do a complete trip report with pictures this time plus our review of all the food and drinks that we will be having.I will be getting 2 4gigs sims for the two cameras.
My dh is disneycouple30 and I will make sure that he does a trip report


Sounds great! Have a blast!!! Love the Food and Wine Festival!